Ciara Realizes Childhood Dream with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

Other cover models for this year include Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk's mother Maye and Yumi Nu.

Ciara has realized a “big dream” with her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.

Starring on the cover holds special meaning for the singer, who recalls seeing Tyra Banks on SI over 25 years ago: “I remember the first time I saw Tyra Banks on Sports Illustrated and that was a big deal, especially being a Black woman, and at that time, a young Black girl. She was so powerful; she was a force.”

She went on of Tyra, “We all remember that iconic leopard swimsuit moment. There were just so many things about that issue and time that were really special and historic.”

“It’s always been pretty significant in the entertainment space,” Ciara shared. “It’s a big dream come true for me, and it was a special day when I got the call.”

“When you’re pursuing your dream, all it takes is one person to believe and that’s you,”  Ciara concluded. “If you believe, there’s all the chance in the world. … There’s a lot more I want to accomplish and I have to have that ‘I believe in me, why not you’ attitude.”

The other cover models for this year are Kim Kardashian, Maye Musk and Yumi Nu.

Kim Kardashian Covers Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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