Country House Wins The 2019 Kentucky Derby After Maximum Security Is Disqualified & Fans Go Wild

Maximum Security couldn’t secure his win at the Kentucky Derby. After the first place finisher was disqualified, Country House was named the winner and the memes came rolling in.

Well that was unexpected. For the first time in Kentucky Derby history, the first place finisher was disqualified after the win was objected. This means that Maximum Security, who crossed over the finish line before any of his competitors, was initially named the winner, but had that title stripped away moments later. The second horse to cross the line, Country House, thus became the 2019 Kentucky Derby champion.

As with any time a winner has been named and then unnamed at a major event, the Internet quickly chimed in with an array of reactions. Many Twitter users shared memes of Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 2015. “Why is Steve Harvey calling the Kentucky Derby winner? #KentuckyDerby145,” joked @safety_veteran.

There were also plenty of jokes referencing the 2016 election in which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but Donald Trump became president due to more electoral votes. User @MattOswaltVA tweeted, “congrats Country House on winning the Kentucky Derby electoral vote!” Twitter user @kaygrace08 shared a photo of Maximum Security clearly ahead of Country House during the race and captioned it, “That’s MY Kentucky Derby Winner #KentuckyDerby 2019.”

Here’s hoping anyone who bet on Country House didn’t immediately throw their ticket away when he initially came in second.

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