Dad brands teen daughter ugly after mum takes her for a sneaky nose job

A mum pleaded for advice after she took her 16-year-old daughter to get a nose job without telling her husband.

The teenager wanted to have plastic surgery – and so her mother agreed to take her.

While some may think it's wrong for the parent to let her child to go under the knife, people could sympathise with the situation.

The teen has chronic sinusitis and needed surgery to correct her breathing, which altered her nose and made her self-conscious.

Her mum explained: “The surgery did make her nose much wider and it didn’t fit her face as well compared to her pre-surgery nose. She complained and hated her nose but my husband and I told her to give it some time.”

People were more outraged by how the girl's dad reacted to the op – as he called his own daughter "ugly".

As reported by The Mirror, the mum explained: "My husband was very against it and told us only sluts get rhinoplasty and he won’t let our daughter get plastic surgery.

"We had a lot of fights until I just took her to get her nose fixed…

"My husband tells her she is ugly now".

Reddit users were quick to slam her husband's insult and shared their thoughts in the comments.

One wrote: "Is that how he sees her own daughter now? Wow. This man is something, but nothing good."

Another said: "What he's doing to her is humiliating and extremely dehumanising.

"It is extremely necessary that, as a mother, OP (original poster) lets her girl know that it's okay to make decisions over your body."

And a third commented: "WTF? Did you get your husband out of a 1950s catalog? Send him back!"

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