Daily guide to what the stars have in store – November 20, 2023

Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – November 20, 2023

As the Sun and Mars separate from their weekend rendezvous, they both link to mysterious Pluto. 

To make good use of this cosmic gift, we need to dig for buried treasure… and work creatively with whatever we find. 

Chances are, we won’t uncover any sparkling jewels. But the reward this work brings has the potential to be valuable… in ways that benefit both ourselves and those we care about.


March 21 – April 20

You are who you are. And I am who I am. Nothing will change that. Except… that’s not the whole story. Life is a process of discovery. Everything we do holds the potential to teach us something new about the world, ourselves, and our place in the world. And, even if it’s in imperceptible ways, we can’t help but be influenced and changed as a result of what we experience. You enjoy change. Today, as your ruler, Mars, connects to Pluto, you can access a recently acquired piece of wisdom to make a great decision.

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Oscar Cainer tells Scorpios that they have no reason, whatsoever, to doubt their entitlement to anything today. It’s time to go beyond any lingering self-doubt


April 21 – May 21

You might not have a suit of armour or a steed, but there’s no doubt you’re coming to someone’s rescue. Something needs to happen, and you’re the only person who can make it happen. The irony is that it involves taking an action you’d never dream of undertaking on your own behalf. But for this person, you’ll do whatever it takes. Quite right, too. You’re embarking on a quest to make the world a better place. If you sincerely do what you need to do, your kind-hearted gesture will bring a reward that benefits you too.

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May 22 – June 22

We often make choices based on following the path of least resistance. Even if we set out along a more difficult road, it doesn’t take long before we start to feel worn out by the challenges. Why keep doing something difficult? Surely, it’s better to take the easier route (or the one that looks easier)? Yet even trains that run along straight tracks reach a place where they need to change direction. Today brings a chance to make a bold decision about where you want your emotional and personal life to go next. Ready?

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June 23 – July 23

We’re not meant to leave things until the last minute. But ‘better late than never’. Although you’re in an untenable situation, you’re in a position to make a difference. So, when today’s opportunity arises don’t let your doubts risk masking this chance to create change. If you let them, they’ll stop you from seeing the right way to proceed. You can work through your confusion. Your uncertainty obliges you to consider every possibility with care. Watch out though, for a sense of conviction. It’s a sure sign of a risky assumption!

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July 24 – August 23

Devious advertisers and scammers know there are some statements that most people are always pleased to hear. ‘Congratulations. You’ve won a free holiday/car’. The opening gambit disguises their hidden, darker intentions. This policy obviously works surprisingly well, (otherwise they’d find another strategy). I’m not advising you to stoop to such depths today. But you’d be wise to find a way to sweeten the info you need to share. If you want someone to support you with your plan, find a good way to open the dialogue.

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August 24 – September 23

What would the world be like if we only ever embarked on easy tasks? If we all steered clear of challenges? If we simply overlooked/ignored complicated scenarios? It’s easy to look at what’s going on around you and think that people are doing their best to take the simplest path. But if they really were, lots of things would be different. For all that we’re attracted to ease, everyone makes an effort to stretch themselves sometimes. And, the reason we push ourselves, is that our efforts pay off. Today, your efforts will be richly rewarded.

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September 24 – October 23

Knowing that you need ‘a reality check’ is all well and good… but where are you supposed to get one from? Surely reality is what you’re already living? But because it’s what you’re living, it’s not quite the same as everyone else’s experience of it. Our unique perspectives and personalities mean that, in a way, we all exist in a series of eternally evolving parallel universes! What seems obvious to you might seem anything but obvious to someone else. And vice versa. Don’t rule out something that seems impossible today.

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October 24 – November 22

Are you sure this is your forecast? How do you know it’s not written for another Scorpio? Do you need their permission? Will they be offended if you read it first? Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself until the right person comes along. Oops, hang on a second. You are the right person. This prediction is for you! There’s no reason, whatsoever, to doubt your entitlement to anything today. It’s time to go beyond any lingering self-doubt. As the Sun and Mars link to your ruler, the cosmos has much to give you now. Your job is to receive it.

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As the Sun and Mars separate from their weekend rendezvous, they both link to mysterious Pluto (pictured). To make good use of this cosmic gift, we need to dig for buried treasure… and work creatively with whatever we find


November 23 – December 21

We all know the saying ‘mind over matter’. It’s the attitude that helps us find the resolve to power through when we face an obstacle. But this mindset can work against us. You’re determined to complete what you’ve set out to do. Wild horses couldn’t change your mind. You’ve managed to quash your doubts, Even that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach has gone. But would a rethink be wise? If something isn’t going to plan, it could be for a very good reason. Listen to your heart today. A small adjustment might be required.

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December 22 – January 20

The best inventions fit into our world so easily that we find it hard to remember how we managed to exist without them. The best example, of course, is the wheel. How did people cope without it? It’s just so obvious. So beautiful in its simplicity. It’s so effective… it’s literally life-changing. With your ruler, Pluto, in such a strong position today, the skies are encouraging you to seek a solution to a complex problem. If you get tired of looking for the right answer, just remember the wheel. You can find a perfect, simple solution.

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January 21 – February 19

When one door closes, another opens. We know this. We understand it. But that doesn’t make endings any easier. Even if we’re excited about our prospects, the nerves are always there. We’re ready for change… we just don’t want too much of it! And there’s no way of knowing if we’ve got the right balance until it’s too late to turn back. It’s less problematic if, deep down, we think we’re doing the right thing: a sense of inner confidence balances our emotional responses. If you’re not feeling confident today, you should be.

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February 20 – March 20

We live in a bewildering world. The more we try to understand it, the more confusing it gets. Which is why we don’t tend to think about it too much. It hurts our brains. And we don’t seem to gain more awareness. You’re struggling to understand a specific issue right now. It’s different to other conundrums because you feel as if you’ve got to solve it. Today though, try putting it to the back of your mind. If you pay it less attention, you’ll find that it becomes much less problematic. And you can focus on something much more rewarding.

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