David Letterman Picks Up Shift at Iowa Grocery Store Following Lana Del Rey's Waffle House Gig

The late night host was seen sipping uncooked minestrone soup and bagging groceries during his shift, after Lana Del Rey also recently made headlines for an unlikely gig at a Waffle House.

Is celebrities getting “normal” jobs the next big trend?

David Letterman was spotted helping out at a grocery store in Iowa over the weekend … just a few days after Lana Del Rey made headlines for working at a Waffle House in Alabama.

Photos and video from a Hy-Vee grocery store location shows the former late night host donning an apron and name tag while testing out his skills in different departments throughout the market.

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“You never know who you’ll bump into while shopping the aisles at Hy-Vee,” read a post on Hy-Vee’s Facebook page, “Thanks for stopping by, David Letterman!”

Letterman also posted a video to his Instagram, documenting his trip to Hy-Vee that day. In the video, he revealed that he “spent a considerable amount of my life in a grocery store in Indianapolis, and it was the last of the singular, independent owned grocery stores and I loved it.”

“And if I can give something back to the marketing community, I would like to do that, but I don’t have all day,” joked Letterman.

In the footage, Letterman was seen roaming the aisles, bagging groceries, and making announcements on the loud speaker … as well as drinking minestrone soup right out of the can and telling customers celery was free for the day.

As for why he was there, of all places, Letterman’s Instagram post noted he’s one of the owners of RLL Racing and Hy-Vee No. 45 Car, which raced this past weekend at the Hy-Vee IndyCar race.

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Lana Del Rey Spotted Working at Alabama Waffle House as Waitress

This appearance comes shortly after singer Lana Del Rey was — more randomly — spotted working a shift in a Florence, Alabama Waffle House, a move which left fans puzzled. Like Dave, the “Blue Jeans” singer even had her own uniform and “Lana” name tag during her time on the job.

There’s speculation that the act could be linked to her new song Paris, Texas in which she sings, “I took a train to Spain, just a notebook in my hand/Then I went to see some friends of mine, down in Florence, Alabama.”

The song comes from her most recent album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, which released in March of this year.

AL.com reported they asked local studios if Lana had been recording, but they dismissed that as a possibility.

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