Davina McCall thinks Brits need to be more like the French when it comes to sex

Davina McCall reckons British people need to be more open about intimacy saying: “Sex is one of the greatest gifts.”

The TV star, 51, separated from husband Matthew Robertson in November 2017.

They have three children together.

But in January she hinted that she had found love again.

And, in her own new magazine, she said: “Great sex is one of the greatest gifts we can experience. Its magical.”

Talking about how proud she is of her French heritage, she continued: “I see them as honest and unashamedly open.

“Sex, for example, is not a dirty word for them. It’s a fantastic thing between two consenting adults.”

And she says there is much more to her than relationships.

She added: “People assume you are sobbing into your pillow every night, but modern women have a lot of other stuff going on. We’re not just relationships. We’re parents, we are working women.

“Hitting the menopause was tough but at least it stopped people asking me when I was going to have another baby.”

Davina also opened up about her estranged relationship with her alcoholic mum Florence who died in South Africa in 2008.

She revealed how there were no boundaries in the relationship which meant they even ended up taking drugs with each other.

She said: “No one really knows what went on behind closed doors except my sister and I.

When I was young, being with mum, there were no boundaries. Wearing make-up, short skirts, high heels at 13, drinking…eventually, I even took drugs with her.

“I don’t blame her at all for my addiction, but it was screwed-up…not a normal mother-child relationship.

“Back then, I was just a kid and if I’m honest, I thought she was cool because my granny Pippy, and my dad never let me do any of that in England.

“I realised years later that it was because they were normal, responsible adults.

“Later on, my mum sold stories on me.

“She blew my anonymity at Narcotics Anonymous. She knew that I was in recovery because she was in there with me..

“Thank god, I was strong and got through, because what she did was very dangerous.

“And she sold pictures of the most sacrosanct private moments of my life, even my honeymoon.”

  • Read the full interview in her new magazine Davina and Friends

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