Deep rapport: Rare glimpse at Kate Middletons relationship with dad Michael – genuine

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Kate and her father looked happy as they watched tennis together at Wimbledon. The Duchess often attends the sport event with her husband Prince William or sister Pippa.

Body language expert Darren Stanton, also known as “the human lie detector”, analysed the images of the Duchess and her father for

The pair attended day 13 of the Wimbledon 2021 Championships.

Kate Middleton’s father, Michael Middleton, was born in Leeds and attended university in Surrey.

He started his career as a flight dispatcher, someone who plans flight paths.

Later he and his wife, Carole, founded Party Pieces, a party supply company.

Michael has modest beginnings compared to Kate’s father-in-law Prince Charles, but he was born into wealth and was distantly related to the British aristocracy. He attended public school, going to Clifton College.

The businessman enjoyed a day at Wimbledon with his royal daughter, the pair smiling and laughing together.

Former Special Constable, Darren said: “Sometimes we see public figures and some royalty displaying less than genuine expressions when they’re attending said some functions.”

“They’re almost playing the game,” Darren told

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He went on: “However, it’s clear that everybody is thoroughly enjoying being in Wimbledon and the surroundings.”

The expert commented on the rare photos of Kate sat with her father Michael, who worked as groundcrew for BA when he met her mother, also a member of the ground crew.

The images show “Kate leaning in clearly sharing a moment or passing comment”, Darren claims.

He said: “The fact she’s leaning in denotes that she has a great relationship with him and it’s in deep rapport.”

Kate Middleton: Expert discusses movements at Wimbledon

The Duchess is “flashing a genuine smile” as her father “is clearly enjoying the discussion”.

Darren explained: “We can tell is a genuine smile because the whole face is engaged as opposed to when someone is masking another emotion and the face muscles that denote a smile are not engaged.

“This is clearly a nice moment.”

Kate Middleton wore a gorgeous pink dress for the occasion. 

She wore a chic dress from Beulah London, which cost £695.

The stunning chic crepe pink midi dress featured a Mandarin collar and a wide belt.

Kate paired the look with a pair of nude heels – thought to be the Nicholes court shoes from Aldo.

She carried the Josef beaded flap clutch bag.

Kate’s father Michael has two other children. They are Pippa Middleton, who is married to billionaire James Matthews, and James Middleton.

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