Do I wait for my boyfriend while he serves time in prison?

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend has just been sentenced to 18 months in prison. Do I wait for him?

He is 42, I am 32 and we have been dating on and off for three years.

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I would always get to a point where I couldn’t stand his wandering eye any more and call it quits.

A few times I saw notifications on his phone from dating apps and regularly found sexy messages he had sent to girls on Instagram.

Every time he would apologise and beg for another chance. I would give in, and then catch him slipping up again.

But this summer, he told me he wanted to give us a proper go.

I knew I would always wonder “what if” so I agreed to give him one final chance.

A couple of weeks after getting back together, he was sent to prison for fraud.

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He has asked me to wait for him, but my friends think I’d be a fool to agree.

They think he’ll go back to his old ways the second he’s let out.

DEIDRE SAYS: Someone who loves you wouldn’t risk hurting you and unfortunately this man has done that multiple times.

If your friend was being treated this way, would you encourage her to wait for this man?

Eighteen months is a long time to put your life on hold. It would be wise to reassess the situation once he’s out of prison.

You are not the one who has been given a sentence, after all.

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