Doctor: If you are sad, nervous or out of control try this one trick

Psychiatrist: If you are sad, mad, nervous or out of control try this ONE secret trick to fix it fast

  • Dr Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and brain specialist based in California
  • He revealed questioning negative thoughts prevents you from attaching to them 

A top psychiatrist has revealed a simple trick you should try if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Dr Daniel Amen, a brain specialist from California, explained that merely learning to question your negative thoughts can help you overcome them.

Most people tend to sit with their emotions and wallow in them, but Dr Amen recommends pulling these untrue thoughts out at the roots. 

He wants people to write down whatever is making them upset and then question it.

The psychiatrist revealed that learning how to question your thoughts helps you detach from them and prevents your negative emotions from making you feel bad.

Dr Daniel Amen [pictured], a brain specialist from California, explained that merely learning to question your negative thoughts can help you overcome them

‘Whenever you feel sad, mad, nervous, or out of control – write down what you’re thinking and then just question it,’ he said in a video.


Would you try Dr Amen’s technique?

Would you try Dr Amen’s technique?

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The psychiatrist often shares professional techniques to battle unwelcome mental duress. 

‘Ask yourself if it’s true – if you can absolutely know this is true.’

As cynical thoughts often stem from insecurity rather than material truth, questioning their origin is part of quashing them.

‘And my favourite part of killing the answers is to take the original thought that made you feel bad and flip it.

The doctor provided an example of how to flip a negative thought. 

‘If you think [your friend] Tana never listens to you,’ he explained, ‘Then just flip it to the opposite and say ‘Tana does listen to me’.’

‘When you learn to question your thoughts, you don’t believe them – and then you don’t attach to them, and they don’t make you feel bad.’

How to overcome negative thoughts 

Identify the source of your negativity and replace them with positivity: are social media websites you frequent stressing you out? Is a friend more of a foe? Do you constantly find yourself listening to sad music?

Find someone to speak to: be it a close friend, family member, or healthcare professional – having a person you trust with your emotions can help you reframe them

Keep a journal: write down your emotions in a ‘feelings journal’ for you to get them out on paper and revisit at a later time

Indulge in self care: do what will make you the happiest in the moment, such as skin care, baking, or ordering take out. Make sure your ‘happy’ activities are healthy and do not contribute to the spiral or negative thoughts 

Make a conscious effort to better your life: this can be in the form of rethinking your diet, exercising more, or surrounding yourself with positive people

Love this technique

Some really resonated with Dr Amen’s technique. 

‘Another great video, doc. I’m saving this and will look at it frequently.’

‘Sometimes I write it down, rip it up, and feel better.’

‘Feelings make good servants but terrible masters.’

But others cited external factors that prevented them from utilising it. 

‘What if I am sad without a reason?’

‘What do you do if you’re in a toxic environment making you feel like that?’

If you or a loved one is feeling anxious or depressed, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

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