Doctor's receptionist reveals the real reason they ask 'what's wrong'

I used to be a doctor’s receptionist – there’s a reason why we ask you ‘what’s wrong’ over the phone

  • Regan Ellis, from Milton Keynes, revealed the secrets of a GP receptionist 
  • She admitted the real reason they ask you ‘what’s wrong’ over the phone 
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A woman has revealed the real reason why doctors receptionists ask you what is wrong over the phone. 

Regan Ellis, from Milton Keynes, took to her TikTok @reganellisx to reveal why receptionists often ‘get a lot more stick than they deserve.’

The 22-year-old explained that most receptionists are ‘severely underpaid’, saying she was on £9 an hour and made more than that ‘working in ASDA’.

She went onto reveal why doctors receptionists ask what’s wrong with you over the phone, saying they actually don’t care if ‘you have an itchy ‘bo***k’.

She explained they just need to know so they can refer you to the correct doctor who specialises in a certain field.   

The hilarious clip, which racked up over 90,000 views and over 7,000 likes, was captioned: ‘The secrets of a GP receptionist.’  

In the viral video Regan said: ‘I am like a cat who has lived nine f***ing lives because I’ve had that many jobs in the 22 years I have had on this earth, but there’s one I want to talk to you about today.

‘I was a doctor’s receptionist. “But Reagan, you’re not a mardy old cow?” And to that, I say, “Yes, you’re correct”.

‘But I need to talk to you about being a doctor’s receptionist and why they actually get a lot more stick than they deserve.’

Regan revealed that one of the reasons the receptionists may not be the most cheerful bunch is that they work super long hours and are underpaid.

She explained: ‘I was an agency worker and I was on about £9 an hour and I was working from in the morning until 6:30pm at night every day, and I was doing that five days a week while I was at uni. I was getting more than that when I was at ASDA.’

She continued: ‘So when you’ve got Mister Blogs from down the road screaming at you because his ramipril wasn’t ready even though you ordered it 20 minutes ago, you’re gonna get the hump, honestly.’

Regan Ellis, from Milton Keynes, revealed the real reason why doctors receptionists ask you what is wrong over the phone

The 22-year-old explained that most receptionist are ‘severely underpaid’ saying she was on £9 an hour and made more than that ‘working in ASDA’

‘One thing they get massively scrutinised for is asking, “What is wrong?” when you tell them you need an appointment.

‘We do not care if you have got an itchy b****ck or whether you’ve got a rash coming up on your left t**ty. We don’t care if you have piles, we only ask because every GP who works in the surgery specialises in a different form of medicine. 

‘If you’ve got a lump of an itchy b***ck you are not gonna want to see the doctor who specialises in HRT, are ya?  

‘We don’t care, we have honestly seen anything and everything, we don’t give a f***k, we just wanna send you to the best person to help you and get the job done.’

Finally, the ex-receptionist debunked the myth that they are the ‘gatekeepers of doctors.’

‘Next is on the day appointments, yes I said it!, I know everyone hates when they ring up and they have been on hold for a half an hour to hear there are no appointments ring back tomorrow. Actually that’s not the receptionist’s fault, that’s the GP. 

She continued: ‘GPs block off the appointments and basically if we put you in for an appointment the next day or a couple of days down the line, we get massively b****cked and sanctioned for it.’

Offering some final words of advice when going to the doctors, Regan added: ‘My best tips would be to stop shouting at your GP receptionist, they’ll do more for you.

‘Give yourself three days when you order a prescription to wait for it to be delivered, and just be genuinely nice.’

People rushed took to the comments and many healthcare receptionists agreed with Regan

People rushed took to the comments and many healthcare receptionists agreed with Regan. 

One person wrote: ‘Dental receptionist here and it’s not much better. Anxious often equals aggressive…until they go into the dentist and couldn’t be sweeter!’

Another said: ‘GP receptionist here, THANK YOU’ 

While another wrote: ‘This is my current job and I wouldn’t wish the abuse we receive on anyone.’ 

A fourth wrote: ‘Omggg you literally speak my mind! Have to repeat the same thing every day and I’m the bad person all the time! Glad someone can relate.’ 

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