Dying mum heartbroken after burglars ruin final wish for nine-year-old daughter

A dying woman who commissioned special jewellery to mark her daughter's future milestones is heartbroken after callous thieves stole the collection – and ruined memories of her stillborn son.

Kristy Lane, who is battling two terminal illnesses, said her final days have been "tainted" after the irreplaceable jewels were taken.

The 44-year-old lawyer will likely never see the special events in her daughter, Eleanor's life – her 18th birthday, her wedding day, and the day she has her own children.

Knowing her heart and lung conditions are incurable, she was determined to be there in spirit by having the unique pieces of jewellery made – each one meant for a different benchmark event in her nine-year-old daughter's life.

Her dying wish was scuppered by the intervention of burglars, who ransacked her home and took the jewels on Monday March 4.

While searching for valuables at Ms Lane's home in Crawley Down, West Sussex, the heartless burglars had also rifled through a memory box of her stillborn son George.

Ms Lane said: "I am desperate for the men to be caught.

"This is more than just a few items and anyone who has suffered the loss of a child will understand the pain.

"They even bent his stillbirth certificate. Insurance will not cover the loss.

"Cruel, cruel men adding so much stress and time lost when life isn't pants enough with heart and lung problems."

She continued: "In the nearly 13 years since I lost my son 35 weeks into my pregnancy, I haven't shown other people a photo, not even family.

"George was born at 4lb 7oz. He was perfect and I only lost him as clots shut down my placenta.

"There then took a long path including miscarriages before my daughter was born 10 weeks early at 2lb 9oz.

"My daughter was born 10 weeks early. Eight months later I was diagnosed with two (because one would be too easy) terminal illnesses and given 12 months to live.

"My heart is better but my lungs presently work at 30%.

"I live every day knowing I have fought to be alive and will not see important events in my daughter's adulthood.

"These burglars have tainted the very few items I had of my son and ruined the only thing I can do for my daughter's future when I'm no longer here."

Ms Lane added that a reward of £5,000 would be awarded to anyone who shared information which leads to the return of her items and a conviction of the burglars.

The stolen jewels were described by police as a pendant, a clover necklace, a diamond ring, a gold disc necklace, and two flower rings.

Also stolen were Pandora bracelets including a fingerprint charm with my Eleanor's fingerprint and Ms Lane's and a gem with my George's name and date of birth and death emblazoned on.

Sussex Police's investigating officer, Detective Constable Rebecca Buckley said: "The victim may not live to see these key times in her daughter's life.

"These are highly emotive circumstances for the family involved and we are renewing our appeal for anyone who has any information about the jewellery to come forward."

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