Ed Sheeran fan, 5, invites star to his birthday – and gets a reply!

Ed Sheeran fan, 5, invites star to his birthday – and gets an amazing reply!

  • A little boy has had his birthday wish come true as Ed Sheeran responded to him
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Ed Sheeran has replied to a five-year-old’s birthday party invite with a magical gesture. 

Alexandra Lamoreaux, from Utah, previously took to TikTok and explained that her five-year-old son, Ren, has an ‘obsession’ with the pop star. 

The little boy wanted an Ed Sheeran themed party to celebrate his sixth birthday along with a water slide, cupcakes with the singer’s face on, and most of all an appearance by Ed himself. 

In the clip, which reached 8.6 million views, the mother-of-three, revealed that her son believed that the international star was going to attend his party and gift him a microphone. 

But, little did they know, Ed Sheeran had planned his own special surprise in celebration of Ren’s birthday. 

An Ed Sheeran super fan from Utah invited the singer to his sixth birthday party, but was left speechless when he received a reply 

The lucky boy was sent a selection of generous gifts from the international pop star, including his very own guitar and a handwritten note

Not expecting to hear from the singer, Alexandra produced creative party invites in the style of concert tickets with a photograph of Ed Sheeran performing live. 

Many users were quick to tag the singer in the comment section to alert him of Ren’s birthday wish. 

She joked with social media users and asked if anyone knew where she could find an Ed Sheeran costume. 

But then the mother later uploaded a video that showed a big shiny blue parcel on their doorstep with the words ‘To Ren, From Ed’ written on it. 

To the family’s shock, the lucky birthday boy had received a surprise present sent from Ed Sheeran himself. 

The video showed the boy opening the hefty gift and he was lost for words. 

The generous present included a t-shirt, a signed CD, a toy, a microphone, and guitar. 

Perhaps best of all was the handwritten note from the singer, which read: ‘Ren, sorry not to make your birthday party, hope it was great. Here’s a notepad, mic, and guitar so you can start writing songs like me.’ 

While Ed Sheeran was unable to attend the party, he still managed to make the little boy’s birthday wish come true 

TikTok users were quick to celebrate with Ren about his magical gifts and praised Ed Sheeran for his kindness

The TikTok ended with an adorable  clip of Ren singing along to the hit song ‘I Don’t Care’ by Sheeran himself and Justin Bieber. 

The video gained thousands of likes and Alexandra wrote in the caption: ‘Replying to @Jen Ren’s reaction to his birthday present from @EdSheeran This has got to be one of the best experiences of our entire lives!’

‘My mama heart has been bursting with joy and gratitude.’

‘Sorry annoying mom voice but I was just so freaking excited for Ren I couldn’t help it!!’

‘You know Ren is genuinely happy when he goes quiet like this, I love him so much. And obviously Tuck gets loud.’

‘Will never be able to express my gratitude to every single person that this happen for him’. 

Users were quick to share their thoughts on Ren’s gifts and praise Ed Sheeran for his generosity. One said: ‘I’ve been waiting for this for a week. Thank you @Ed Sheeran for being a great guy. Thank you mom for sharing with us. Thank you Ren for being so cool.’

A second person added: ‘@Ed Sheeran thank you so much for making this kid’s life.’

A third user joked: ‘You’ve set the bar too high. What’s next year??’

A fourth said: ‘This is adorable! been waiting for his reaction, so glad he got this gifts from @Ed Sheeran Happy birthday Ren!’

A fifth person added: ‘Aw love this @Ed Sheeran so down to earth really cares about his fans’

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