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WHEN I found out I was doing a review of the Emma Premium mattress, I immediately wondered whether the award-winning brand would live up to the hype.

This mattress comes with some promising accolades — it was voted Product of the Year in the Hybrid Mattress category in the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation in 2022, and has a score of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with customers praising its quality and comfort.

Like the Emma Original mattress, the Emma Premium is made of memory foam, but unlike its predecessor, it's combined with pocket springs for extra support.

So, if you’re looking for a mattress that moulds to your body for ultimate comfort but still gives that extra support for non-achy muscles the next morning, then, Goldilocks, we may have found your “just right”.

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  • Supportive 
  • Comfortable
  • Easy and quick delivery
  • Comes in an impressive range of sizes


  • Takes some time to break in
  • No contact delivery means no help carrying the mattress in


  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Support: 5/5
  • Cooling technology: 5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Value: 5/5

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Emma Premium mattress review: quick summary

I’m fully converted to hybrid mattresses because of how much I’ve grown to love the Emma Premium. And I say grown to love because it did take about a week to break in (it started off quite firm) but after that initial induction period, it was the epitome of comfort.

The softness of the Halo memory foam moulded around my body but rather than leaving me to sink aimlessly into the depths of the mattress, the hundreds of 5 Zone CarbonFlex springs kept me fully supported, leaving my body feeling fresher the next morning.

I didn’t feel hot, which makes sense because the Emma Premium mattress has been designed with double layers of the brand’s Airgocell foam to make sure you feel as cool and dry as possible. After all, no one wants a mattress that makes you sweat.

Delivery was quick and easy; I didn’t have to lift a finger until it actually turned up at my door. It is worth noting that it’s a ‘no contact’ delivery, so if you think you’ll need help manoeuvring your new mattress up the stairs or into the bedroom, it might be worth getting a friend or family member over to help.

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Emma Premium mattress review: full review

It’s no mean feat delivering a mattress, especially a super king (the size I was trialling), but within two weeks of placing my order, it was at my door.

After enlisting the help of a slightly disgruntled family member I managed to pivot it up the stairs (cue Friends reference) using the useful handles on the side of the mattress and place it on the bed.

The mattress looked smart and well made, with a layer on the top of Halo memory foam that was supported underneath by the 5 Zone CarbonFlex springs. Once I’d made it up with fresh linen, my bed was all set up and ready to be tried.

On first impression, the mattress did feel firm and took some time to break in. But after a week, it had a eureka moment and suddenly metamorphosed into the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, which is why it’s crucial to give everything a chance before making a judgement.

The memory foam moulded deliciously around my body, while the springs kept my spine supported so I had the ideal mixture of softness and support. The technology Emma uses in the Premium mattress is designed to create the best ergonomic support possible by reinforcing specific areas for spinal alignment. 

And I felt the difference, as my back went from feeling achy in the morning to completely neutral which made me feel more refreshed as a result.

The cooling technology also works as I trialled this during the hottest days of the summer and although it’s obviously still hot — it’s a mattress, not a miracle worker — I didn’t get as sweaty or as overheated as I had done in the past, and the only difference was my mattress. 

So, doubling the layers of Airgocell foam was an excellent decision on Emma’s part, as the open pores allowed for more airflow and less moisture to sit on the skin for an overall drier, more comfortable sleep.

It's not always easy finding super king sizes but I loved that there were eight sizes to choose from in the Emma mattress, so you’re likely to be covered regardless of the size of your bed. 

Since it arrived, I haven’t noticed any sagging or wear and it still feels as fresh as it did at the beginning, aside from having broken in, so it’s extra comfortable.

I didn’t realise how much of a difference having a truly good mattress made to the quality of my sleep until I started spending every night on the Emma Premium mattress; I felt better rested each morning which fed into and improved my overall mood.

How much does the Emma mattress cost?

This all depends on the size, but RRP starts at £799 for a single and goes up to £1,449 for a Super King.

However, Emma currently has a 55% off sale, so you can snap up a single mattress for £359.55, a double for £494.55 and a king size for £584.55. The Super King I trialled is now only £652.05.

This compares to £839 for the Simba Hybrid Mattress, which currently has 40% off and £674.55 for the Brooke and Wilde Elite mattress, which currently has 55% off.

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Emma Premium mattress review: the verdict

I was so impressed with this mattress that I'm happy to give it five stars.

Rest assured, with the Emma Premium mattress, you’ll sleep soundly and comfortably, so much so that the 200-night guarantee will fly by without a hiccup.

Once broken in, it’s comfortable, supportive, and cool; perfect as we truly settle into these summer months. I felt refreshed each morning and saw a genuine improvement in my body and mood. It’s an all-around winner. 

  • Shop the Emma Premium Mattress here

Is the Emma Premium mattress worth it?

After sleeping on this mattress for many months I would say the Emma premium mattress is definitely worth its price tag.

How does the Emma Premium mattress compare to competitors

The Premium compares well to other similar hybrid mattresses, both in terms of price and quality, from companies such as Simba, Brook and Wilde, Dormeo and Nectar.

Where to buy the Emma Premium mattress

You can buy the Emma Premium mattress from the Emma website where you can currently find a variety of sizes at 55% off. 
It’s also available from Amazon and Wayfair.

What is the Emma Premium mattress made of?

The Premium is made up of five sections and a removable, machine-washable cover.

It’s topped with a layer of Airgocell memory foam and beneath this are hundreds of steel pocket springs.

Then there’s a lay of viscoelastic memory foam that helps relieve pressure, then the final base layer of high resiliency extra (HRX) foam that keeps your spine aligned and happy in whatever position you sleep in.

Is the Emma Premium mattress firm?

According to the Emma website, the Premium is medium soft and offers good spinal support.

How many springs are there in the Emma Premium mattress?

Underneath the memory foam and foam layers, yet sitting above the base foam layer, there are five zones of CarbonFlex pocket springs. Each of these supports a specific part of your body – lower back, thighs, feet, shoulders and head – and there are hundreds of these springs in every mattress.

Emma Premium mattress vs Original

Whether you choose the Emma Premium or the Emma Original very much depends on your personal taste. They both support your spine, both offer a great night’s sleep, and both are medium firmness.


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The Emma Original mattress is made from three layers of memory foam – an Airgocell top layer that keeps you cool, a Halo memory foam middle layer that moulds to your body’s shape and supports your spine, and a high resiliency extra (HRX) foam base layer. The mattress is then contained in a removable and machine-washable cover.

The difference between the Original and the Premium is the hundreds of CarbonFlex pocket springs in the latter that are arranged in five zones to support the different parts of your body.

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