Fans blast ‘classless’ Miranda Lambert for posting photo instead of apologizing to ‘humiliated’ fans

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Fans slammed Miranda Lambert for posting on Instagram instead of apologizing to the concertgoers she called out for taking a selfie during her show.

The country singer shared a photo Tuesday of herself promoting shirts encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets.

“It takes balls…to spay and neuter your pets! ➡️ to learn why it’s important and y’all can get shirts at the link in my bio 💕🐶,” she captioned the post.

Lambert’s comments section was quickly filled with fans who felt like she was ignoring the elephant in the room.

“I love you but you really need to address this situation because this is not a good look. At all,” wrote one follower.

“Unfollowing for the way you disrespect and humiliate your fans. It takes balls not to apologize or see a problem with your actions,” added another.

“I’m shocked your PR team hasn’t been all over this…unless this is a PR stunt just to get you in the news. You want to come off like a boss bitch but you came of [sic] not as a boss. Being a strong, take no s–t woman doesn’t include being rude and humiliating people, especially the people who made you famous and wealthy,” wrote a third.

“Just moving right along like you did nothing wrong. Placing blame on the fans for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Nit [sic] taking accountability for your actions!!! You are in the wrong!!! Classic narcissist behavior,” commented another critic.

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Lambert, 39, made headlines over the weekend for abruptly stopping a performance during her Las Vegas residency to chastise attendees who were taking a selfie together.

In a TikTok video posted Sunday, the Grammy winner paused singing “Tin Man” to say, “I’m gonna stop right here for a second, I’m sorry. These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song. It’s pissing me off a little bit.”

After adding that she did not like their behavior “at all,” Lambert said, “We’re here to hear some country music tonight. I’m singing some country damn music.”

While some fans cheered in the footage, others walked out of the show.

Adela Calin, one of the fans Lambert reprimanded, spoke out after the incident went viral, telling NBC News Monday that she felt like she “was back at school with the teacher scolding me for doing something wrong and telling me to sit down back in my place.”

“I feel like she was determined to make us look like we were young, immature and vain,” she continued. “But we were just grown women in our 30s to 60s trying to take a picture.”

Calin said she was “appalled” by the “Drunk” singer’s reaction, adding that the quick selfie took “30 seconds at most.”

“We took the picture quickly and were going to sit back down,” she said.

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