Firefighters called to free sausage dog trapped in wine rack

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Millie the Dachshund, from Waterbeach, Cambridge, was found by her owner with her head caught in the bottle holder on August 2. It is unknown how the black and brown pooch found herself in the unusual situation, but was so trapped firefighters had to step in to save the day.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service was contacted just at 5.03pm to assist in releasing Millie from the contraption.

Fire fighters left shortly after 5.30pm, who used cutters to free the poor pup safely.

Let’s hope that Millie has learned her lesson and doesn’t attempt another Houdini escape trick anytime soon.

Another dog living in the United States also found themselves in trouble when they were found trapped between two concrete walls.

Gertie, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA was missing for five days until someone heard her cries.

Firefighter Jenny Atkins was filmed using a sledgehammer break through the wall to release the canine within seconds.

And if you thought these unfortunate hounds weren’t catching a break, Aiko the Shiba Inu showed that not every dog has its day.

In a video Tweeted by owner and American journalist Jeff Yang, the dog is pushed off a chair by a tabby cat after attempting to bite its leg.

The nine-second clip, posted on July 30, has been watched worldwide over 350,000 times and counting, with viewers describing the video as “hilarious”.

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