Flat hot dogs exist and now food experts, eaters and home cooks are split

It’s been a longstanding debate: “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”

But now one butcher shop has entered the chat with an alternative to the beloved backyard BBQ staple and people are split on the idea of a flat hot dog.

Rastelli’s in New Jersey unveiled a 3-ounce flat frankfurter ahead of the Fourth of July and the internet had a field day, questioning whether it still could be considered a hot dog.

Ray Rastelli Jr. commented to “Good Morning America” on Instagram, “We can confirm it is a hot dog!”

Initially, social media users had mixed feelings over the circular sausage that loses the traditional snap due to the shape — and some called the whole thing baloney.

Other food experts like Mythical Kitchen chef Josh Scherer pointed out that this is simply “semantics” over forcemeat — a blended mixture of meat and spices encased with preservatives before cooking.

Rastelli said they came up with the novel shape after requests from customers to pre-cut their dogs.

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