Former ‘world’s hottest weather girl’ says looks aren’t why she’s successful

Yanet Garcia shot to fame when she landed a role on TV.

The 29-year-old became a fan favourite and was soon branded the “world’s hottest weather girl”.

She also landed modelling deals and racked up 12.6 million followers on Instagram.

But even though the Mexican woman is so successful, she can have a hard time because of internet trolls.

Cruel critics have accused Yanet of only getting where she is because of her looks.

But the telly star hit back, saying she’s worked hard to forge a career for herself.

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In a video shared with her Instagram followers, Yanet spoke about her humble beginnings.

She told haters: “I started from square one. I come from a very modest, simple family.

“I have had to work for my dreams my whole life.

“I know what it means to work an eight or nine-hour day for a very low salary.

“I have relied on buses, the tube, taxis. I have worked as a receptionist and once helped my aunt sell corn.”

The social media sensation added that her good looks haven’t all come easy to her either.

Yanet undertook a dramatic fitness transformation after dedicating hours in the gym.

She added: “It is true that my physical appearance has helped me a lot, but nobody gave me the body I have.

“I worked for years and years to have a curvy bum and get fit thanks to lots of exercise and healthy eating.”

The former weather girl had words of advice for others who want to follow in her footsteps.

Yanet advised fans to work hard on their fitness to get a body like hers.

She also encouraged them to be confident and follow their dreams.

The TV regular concluded: “You can change your body whenever you want, whenever you decide, because it is what I did.

“It does not matter if no one believes in you, because a lot of people did not believe in me and I proved that you can do it.

“Never give up, keep going.”

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Back in December, Yanet quit her weather job.

She reportedly gave up the role on Mexican TV show Hoy to move to the US with her American boyfriend.

“The world’s hottest weather girl” has now been replaced by Aleira Avendano.

The 29-year-old is a famous model who is also known as “ Latin Barbie ” due to her enhanced figure.

She has undertaken 38 cosmetic procedures in her life, local media claims.

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