Gallery reveals VERY cheeky text messages that could end a friendship

Offence taken! Texters reveal the most brutal messages they’ve received – including a woman who was told she might not have been dumped if she ‘cried less’

  • Daily Stuff has rounded up ‘savage’ text messages from around the world 
  • One sender showed now sympathy for their friend saying they can’t sleep
  • Another texter patronized their friend for spending their life watching TV

It’s easy to misinterpret what someone is saying over text, but these blunt messages were deliberately sent to cause offence.

Daily Stuff has rounded up a selection of hilariously ‘savage’ text messages from around the world that went viral after being shared on social media, including a man, who told his neighbour that she wouldn’t have been dumped if she cried less. 

One person mocked their friend for spending their life watching a TV series, while another showed no sympathy to the sender of a text message complaining about being unable to sleep. 

Elsewhere, a texter used emojis to reject an unwanted love interest. 

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Life goal achieved! One person mocked their friend for saying they are spending their time watching a TV series 

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