Gene Simmons Kissing California Goodbye, Buys Vegas Mansion For $8.2 Million

If ever there was a sign that times are changing, this would be it. The legend from Kiss, Gene Simmons, has just announced that he’s making good on his promise to leave California. He has re-listed his Los Angeles home and has made a whopping $8 million mansion purchase in New Vegas. As he prepares to depart California, his residence there has hit the market for $25 million. TMZ reports that if all goes to plan, he’ll be pocketing $17 million while maintaining his luxurious lifestyle in another region. That’s not a bad move, considering the music icon has long been complaining about the current state of California.

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California’s citizens have had a whole lot to contend with over the past several years, and at age 71, Gene Simmons has just had enough of it all. The appeal that living in California once had has slowly diminished. Today, it is has been replaced by a series of challenges that he no longer wishes to contend with.

Simmons has been declaring his desire to leave California for some time now, and TMZ quotes how fed up he was with the region when he stated; “There are earthquakes, fires and pandemics every year. Even though there is nice sunshine, I’m done.”

Natural disasters have certainly devastated the region, and with the succession of one after the other, each having a devastating effect on society as a whole, it seems Gene Simmons has truly had enough, and is making good on his promise to leave.

Simmons had previously listed his Californian mansion for $22 million, then decided to take it off the market and invest in some improvements on his sprawling estate. He re-listed it in March for $25 million.

He’s sure that the right buyer will come along and snag his gorgeous property, and until that time comes, he’s moving onward and upward, as he embarks on his big move.

Gene Simmons has recently purchased a stunning $8.2 million property near Los Vegas, and it’s certainly not a compromise or a downgrade. His new property is quite expansive, and spans across a massive 11,000 square feet of gorgeous architecture. It’s noted to have impressive modern upgrades and features, including one that is absolutely incredible… his floating pathway. That’s correct, Gene Simmons’ new home has a floating pathway entrance which hovers over a pond of koi fish, and is encased in floor-to-ceiling glass walls, for the perfect view.

The mansion has 6 oversized, luxurious bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, and of course, a pool, hut tub, courtyard, and many more lavish add-ons that will surely be appreciated by Simmons and his entire family.

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Sources: TMZ, California News Times

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