Glam model, 73, defies trolls who say her swimsuits are not age appropriate

A mature model refused to let haters define her outfits and insisted "I dress however I want".

Colleen Heidemann, from Los Angeles in US, inspires a lot of women to dress eloquently with characters as she shares her daily life as a model on social media.

The 73-year-old attracted 400,000 followers on Instagram and another 300,000 fans on TikTok despite only starting her modelling career at the age of 69.

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In one post she addressed to a comment criticising her pool outfits.

"'This swimwear is not age appropriate' is what they say," she mocked the haters as she headed out to the swimming pool.

"And I say – wear what makes you feel good! Every body is a swimsuit body!"

Colleen posted a few of her pictures – wearing a black strapless swimsuit with gold accessories.

In another snap, she exudes confidence in a more revealing cross-front monokini.

"Don't let them define you, we are strong. We are not invisible, I dress my age however I want!" Colleen said.

The model also shared some of the challenges she face while pursuing her career at the age of over 70.

She said: "My body is changing so quickly at this stage of life as when just a few days of lessening – or in my case negating entirely – my exercise routines finds a rather alarming onset of stiffness is anxious to replace a far different level of comfortable movement previously known.

"I refuse to give in to this, thus onward and upward… pilates here I come!"

Fans loved Colleen's attitude and were inspired to wear bold colours and patterns.

One said: "I love that she does not care about her age. She wears what she wants. Why does that bother anyone?"

"You are amazing Colleen – such an inspiration for those of us in our 'seenager' season that feel good in our skin to show," another added.


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