Grab the cutlery! Amateur chefs show off their VERY creative dishes

Quarantine cuisine! People show off the VERY creative dishes they’re eating as food supplies run short – including Weetabix with butter and sugar

  • People from around the world are sharing their quarantine meals on Facebook
  • Many revealed they’re experimenting with covering every dish with ketchup 
  • Woman from the UK swapped lettuce for ham in her homemade KFC wrap
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Cooking has become a must-have skill as restaurants, cafes and takeaways close their doors during the coronavirus lockdown. 

And now amateur chefs are proudly revealing their homemade meals on Facebook’s Rate My Plate group.

Many combined several of their favourite foods to create an original dish, while covering meal in ketchup also proved a hit for those confined to the house.    

Below, FEMAIL reveals some of the most creative meals made since quarantine began.

People from around the world have been sharing the creative meals they’ve made while in quarantine on Facebook, including aoneman from London who made curry flavour noodles with cheese and sweet chilli sauce (pictured)

One woman attempted to recreate a KFC’s chicken wrap but swapped lettuce for ham and replaced mayonnaise with jalapeno primula cheese (pictured)

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One man from Kent said his younger sister topped her toast with tuna, cheese and lashiings of sweet chilli sauce (pictured)

Another woman divided the Facebook group when she asked who else enjoys mushrooms on toast (pictured)

Meanwhile one man, from Sweden, posted a snap of his homemade lasagne, crafted from cheese, noodles and ketchup (pictured)

Another woman, who lives in Canada, insisted her onion gravy with poached eggs was delicious, and urged others to try it (pictured)

Another man, believed to be from Bristol, posted a photograph of sliced bread, topped with super noodles and butter (pictured)

Not appealing! Meanwhile one man from Virginia was told that his sausage gravy (pictured) looked like vomit

Rationing beans! One woman, who lives in Derby, shared a snap of the sparse beans and toast (pictured) made  by her husband

A man based in New York, said he had enjoyed a hot dog Caesar salad while stuck at home in self-isolation

Missing something? One woman, believed to be from Merseyside, revealed she has ditched the milk and has been eating Weetabix with butter and sugar (pictured) 

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