Grandma left red-faced after spotting animals doing sex positions on her handbag

A grandma was left shocked after she discovered animals engaging in sexual activity on her new handbag.

The woman recalled being excited to click on the website to check out the animal-themed item.

But the innocent bag proved to be quite explicit when she took a closer look at the detail of the design.

She purchased the item from Australian website Myer where she spent £10.90 ($19.95 AUD) on the Wild Fur You Australiana Tote bag.

A close-up view of the print shows kangaroos, koalas, dingoes, emus and wombats in intimate sex positions.

In one crude scene, a Tasmanian devil can be seen biting its partner's shoulder.

While another shows two kangaroos going at it like rabbits.

The cheeky bag certainly caused concerns as the grandma was mortified at the bag, reports

She said: "I am all for a cheeky joke, but I draw the line at this. Shocking."

Myer also sells a clutch bag and coin purse with the same X-rated print.

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The bags have had plenty of reviews with many complimenting the "quality material", while others say the zipper is great.

But while these customers praised the quality of the bag, it's unclear whether they noticed the print.

Other shoppers saw the funny side of things and claimed it was "hilarious".

One said: "Unexpectedly raunchy but completely hilarious!"

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The customer continued: "Bought this to post to a friend in the US and definitely got more than I bargained for."

Another added: "Bought this as a souvenir to bring back from Australia.

"Beautifully made bag that makes a great gift for any person with a sense of humour. Great purchase!"

The bags are made by Australian company La La Land which sells a range of items in the "Wild Fur You" print.

It includes a range of products, like mugs, bags and tea towels.

The website reads: "A best-selling cheeky Australian themed illustration by our talented in-house artist at La La Land, Lilly Perrott.

"A perfect adult gift to stand against the ordinary."

To check out the range, visit the website.

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