Handmade cards from children are unintentionally hilarious

Tell it like it is! Handmade cards children have sent to their parents are unintentionally hilarious

  • Be prepared to laugh at the kind of bluntness only kids can pull off!
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Growing up, we’re told it is the thought that counts. 

When birthdays come around, most parents don’t expect kids to stretch their pocket money, preferring instead something more personal than a shop-bought present. 

And what could be more thoughtful than a handmade birthday card when it’s obvious what a great deal of effort has been put into it?

Well, these hilarious cards created by kids for their parents and uploaded to US trivia website Ranker show that there is perhaps such a thing as too personal!

With one reading ‘Best Birthday for one of your last!’ the messages are bound to make you chuckle for the kind of bluntness that only kids can pull off. 

One child was clearly surprised by their loved-one’s advanced age and told them as much in a hilariously blunt message

Stickers, drawings, signatures…and a sanitary towel! Clara was clearly channeling her creativity when she made this card 

Another child took the opportunity to thank their mother for giving birth to them with a graphic stickman drawing showing the father encouraging his partner to ‘just push!!!’

Another struck a similar note with the following message: ‘Happy Birthday, I didn’t think you would live this long. Hopefully you’ll live forever!’

Equally amusing are some of the kids’ creative choices, with one child, Clara, choosing to decorate the front of her card with flower stickers, drawings, signatures… and a sanitary towel.

And another creative soul decided to recreate the scene of their birth using stick men, with the caption: ‘Thank you for creating me’. 

The child who made this card expressed their shock at their loved-one reaching old age but took the opportunity to share an optimistic vision for the future

There are few things children do that are cuter than parroting a parent word-for-word. This kid mimicked their mother’s nostalgia with a phrase that is surely a cliché in most families

One child reversed the roles completely and used their card to tell someone older to take care when they drink alcohol 

Riley laid his cards on the table, not only telling Jessie that he loves her but making it clear that any man vying for her attention better watch out 

It looks like one child took a little too much creative licence with their picture of a tiered birthday cake 

Jed didn’t mince his words when he told the receiver of this handmade card that they remind him of one of the less kindly Lord of the Rings characters

Another hilariously blunt message that is unlikely to make anyone feel good about their birthday

With a unicorn flying high over a rainbow thanks to a rather unconventional power source, this card was undoubtedly created by a child with a fertile imagination 

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