Here's Why Your Favorite Black Creators on TikTok Are Currently on Strike

It’s a Hot Girl Summer once again, and that means that Megan Thee Stallion has of course come out with something to get us all twerking with reckless abandon. Enter in Megan’s recent offering, “Thot Shit,” which should have been ripe for the TikTok-ing. The chorus literally says “‘Hands on my knees. Shaking ass, on my thot shit”—but there isn’t a single viral dance for the song on the app yet, despite the song dropping two weeks ago. Why? Because Black creators on TikTok are currently on their first-ever strike, and it has everything to do with inequality on the platform. Learn more about this groundbreaking act of rebellion below.

Why are Black creators on strike?

Black TikTokers aren’t creating dances to Megan’s “Thot Shit” (or any other popular songs) right now because they’re fed up with the cultural appropriation and lack of credit they receive for their dances on the app. They’ve dubbed the movement #BlackTikTokStrike, with some saying they’d like the strike to continue for the rest of the summer until Black creators are respected and paid for their work.

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