Holiday makers descend on Magaluf as party season begins

Get this party started! Rowdy British revellers descend on Magaluf to kick off the summer season with booze cruises, bottom tattoos and defying a ban on street drinking

  • Party-goers, along with stag and hen dos, are descending on Magaluf, which is renowned for it’s club scene 
  • Men and women going wild as party season begins on streets of Spanish town with Brits seeking boozy fun
  • Antics include getting tattoos, booze cruises and silly outfits as some celebrate their ‘last night of freedom’

Boozed-up Brits have already begun flocking to the Balearic Isles to celebrate the start of the summer clubbing season.

Keen holidaymakers were greeted with opening parties at the Spanish coastal resort of Magaluf, Mallorca, as they made their way in droves to the popular clubbing destination.

Despite it being just the first week of the season, Britons were still seen spilling out into the streets from bars and clubs in the tourist hotspot.

Celebrations continued into the early hours of the morning in typical style at the party resort – which has become famed for its scandals involving badly-behaving Brits.

A woman looks absolutely astonished as she lies in the window of a tattoo parlour, while a friend films her getting some new ink 

Celebrating the last gasp of freedom! A group of women on a hen do set off for their night out on Punta Ballena ‘the Magaluf Strip’, wearing Danger Mouse outfits 

A woman parties alongside a group of men on a stag do while sailing on the infamous Sun Sea Magaluf Booze Cruise. In the past the cruise has offered revellers free drinks in exchange for sexual acts

Brightly-coloured signs could be seen mounted on lamp-posts with the words ‘Have fun with respect’ alongside warnings that punters faced hefty fines for breaking local laws.

But despite bans on drinking in the street hundreds of clubbers could be seen swigging from cans and plastic cups along the pavements.

In one tattoo parlour a blonde-haired young woman, believed to be a club rep, queued up to be inked – on her backside.

She entered the tattoo room which had a completely transparent glass front, that allowed passersby to look directly in on the tattooing.

Show of strength! A doorman picks a man up above his head as people enjoy a night out on Punta Ballena, the Magaluf strip  

Squad goals! A rowdy group of Brits take on the Sun Sea Magaluf Booze Cruise, with hen and stag dos wearing matching vests partying on the boat 

A local man plays an instrument in the street while another looks unimpressed as revellers party on the Punta Ballena 

One bride, dressed as a pumpkin, looked chuffed as she partied with friends on the strip – despite the ban on street drinking 

Another party goer looked a little more sombre in her Danger Mouse outfit, and appeared emotional at the end of the night 

The woman hitched up her dress to reveal her bare bottom before the tattoo artist went in with a needle – to ink her pal’s name.

A small crowd formed outside the glass window to film the inking.

Another club rep, named only as Jaden, claimed the woman and another friend were having his name tattooed on them.

Pointing to his own tattooed arms he said: ‘They are both having my names tattooed on me.

One woman hitched up her dress before being inked by one tattoo artist – who revealed she was getting her friends name on her bottom 

100 party-goers took part in the infamous Sun Sea Magaluf Booze Cruise. In previous years, attendees have been encouraged to take part in sex games in return for free alcohol

Going bananas! Another party-goer crouched in the hectic street wearing fancy dress. Despite it being illegal to drink in the street, many continue to do so

‘I’m a rep here and we are friends through being reps. She’s having my name tattooed on her a***.’

A member of staff at the tattoo parlour discouraged taking photos saying: ‘We have had bad press here.’

The rest of the lively strip was also full of action during its first week of the summer season as clubbers overindulged on cheap drinks deals.

One hundred party-goers set sail on a £2 million yacht set sail on Wednesday for a two-hour binge session. The semi-naked revellers looked enthusiastic as they danced

Party goers overindulged in cheap alcoholic drinks, and enjoyed the Magaluf strip which is famous for it’s wild parties and crazy clubs 

Many revellers were stag and hen dos who donned outfits for their nights out, which ranged from the silly to the offensive 

Club reps swarmed the streets persuading punters to take them up on offers of free shots and two-for-one spirits and mixers.

By 4am some partygoers struggled to stay upright and others decided to forego their heels, walking home or eating takeaways while wandering the strip barefoot.

Stags and hens filled karaoke bars and pubs, toting fancy dress costumes and downing cocktails before staggering off back to their hotels by taxi in the early hours.

While many wore matching t-shirts bearing the name of their stag or hen, one group donned Danger Mouse costumes while the bride-to-be appeared to be dressed as a pumpkin.

One woman looked emotional as she stood in the street dressed as the cartoon character Danger Mouse, alongside her friends 

One woman wondered bare foot through the streets as she ordered a chinese takeaway at the end of her night out. Her friend carried her shoes 

The Magaluf strip was packed with British holidaymakers keen for a wild, and cheap, night out. Punters swarmed groups as locals offered of free shots and two-for-one spirits and mixers

100 revellers on the infamous Sun Sea Magaluf Booze Cruise danced and partied on the boat, which is famed for it’s wild antics 

One barefoot woman appeared insistent about her Chinese takeaway order while her friend, who was carrying her shoes, laughed at her antics 

Both staff and clubbers were keen to show off their toned muscles on the Maga strip.

At one pub a holidaygoer was effortlessly lifted like a barbell by a security guard to the raucous applause of the rest of the bar.

Elsewhere a man dropped to the street to impress a friend with his push-ups as taxis veered past him.

On the Sunset Booze Cruise – which has become infamous in recent years for encouraging attendees to take part in sex games in return for free alcohol – was a more reserved affair this year.

One man was forced into doing press ups in the middle of the road as part of a game with friends, while others watched on 

A group of stags were keen to visit the ‘Stags & Hens’ bar on the strip, and were amongst the many in costume on the street 

A woman in a cast seemed chuffed to be sharing her takeaway with a friend while on the strip, and non-deterred by her injury 

The £2 million yacht set sail on Wednesday carting over 100 people around the island for a two-hour binge session.

Unlike past years, the organisers did not arrange the lurid games or competitions the boat trip was once associated with.

Ticket-holders instead enjoyed an uneventful sail around the island with a live DJ set and were briefly sprayed with a bottle of champagne.

One doorman used a party-goer as a dungbell, lifting the intoxicated man well above his head and carrying him down the street 

Another reveller, who had donned L plates for the evening, dashed into a taxi at the end of the night carrying a blow up sex doll

One intoxicated man looked a little worse for wear as he strolled through Magaluf wearing denim shorts, flip flops and a yellow bowler hat 

These men left some fellow revellers in stiches as they carried a mattress through the street 

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