Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for April 12


A course of study will be more challenging than anticipated. A talented teacher will take you under their wing. Since they are giving you their time and the benefits of their experience, be prepared to put in long hours of study to get over a current hurdle.


You need some quiet time to yourself to recoup your energy. Even so if someone close suggests they join you, you will not object to spending some quality time together. Joint plans will be discussed and this will give you something exciting to look forward to. Moderation is the key to happiness.


A problem shared is a problem halved. Whether it is a money or health matter that is on your mind, someone close can sense you are worried. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to hide a secret from them, they are going to work out what is going on eventually.


If you hold on too tightly to someone especially if this is a new partner they might want to turn around and run off in the other direction. A balance of give and take, independence and freedom is key in all relationships.


Friends appreciate your kindness, workmates enjoy your sense of humour. No matter what experiences you encounter you will find a way to meet obligations and make a success of whatever you take on. It’s a good time to build on bonds and routines already established.


Mutual understanding cannot be achieved if someone feels intimidated by your comments or attitude. A more gentle approach will work wonders. Encourage rather than discourage someone who is doing their best to learn a skill or subject that does not come naturally to them.


You’re waiting for the right moment to bring up some ideas you have that hold a degree of risk but this is a risk you are prepared to take. Your challenge now is to talk others into agreeing with you. Patience will be necessary as it will take time to win someone’s confidence.


A song you hear will transport you back and suddenly a surge of memories will flood your mind. This will inspire you to listen to music that was a part of your past or to get in touch with an old friend who shared some special experiences with you of another time.


Sticking to the same routine day after day will bore you. You need an outlet for your creative talents. Give your innate skills the time they deserve. Choose activities you enjoy outside working hours as compensation for a dull work routine.


A surprise is in store when you are starting to realise you can loosen your hold on the reins of some relationships without losing people you love. A choice you will make towards the end of the day will have a big effect on your future.


You are determined to find a way to encourage some people to stand on their own two feet. Instead of giving answers to questions they put to you, you might ask them how they feel or what they intend to do. A partner is going through problems at work. When you’re with them, keep the mood upbeat.


It will be your friendly nature and personal popularity that will help offset problems in a group endeavour. It comes naturally to you to draw people together in a spirit of harmony. A family heirloom will be handed over into your care.

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