Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Friday, June 10

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Catching up with old friends could alert you to new possibilities and open doors that were previously closed to you. Someone in power will agree to do something for you, but they will want something from you in return. There will be a price to pay when you accept assistance from another.


Money news is good. This gets you thinking about your future security. You have a strong feeling everything is going to be okay. You could do with some time to yourself as there are matters you need to think about in order to understand them more fully. This also gives you a chance to consider issues that have unexpectedly arisen.


A joint project is challenging when you are working alongside someone who is pushing you harder than usual. You may not have realised how capable you are at working so steadily and seriously towards a goal, until now. Accept a new challenge, even if this means facing your insecurities.


Someone is thinking about pulling out of a joint undertaking. When they finally announce this, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. You had been relying on their support. When you sense something isn’t quite right, trust your intuition. Don’t talk yourself into believing everything is fine when it isn’t.


Friends and workmates are doing everything they can to please you. Someone close knows how to put a smile on your face. Your social life is about to go into orbit. Are you single? Some surprising romantic developments should make for a brilliant day.


Conflict in a business or personal relationship relates to differing long-term goals. This issue will raise significant questions. Take time to consider what crops up today, as there will be no easy answers. Rather than seeking an instant resolution, strive to find some common ground.


This isn’t the first time a close friend or partner has let you down. Memories you shared together keep you holding on to what’s not good for you. If a partner or friend is out of touch with your wants and needs, it might be time to move on. You have outgrown this relationship.


Your vision is clear and you have some big ideas about what you want to do next. It all looks so easy until you start to put plans into action. It is easy to find satisfaction through seeing yourself achieving your goals, but if you really want to make them real you need to attend to details.


Dream big. Be proud of who you are. You have come so far already and the many successes you have to look back on will keep you inspired to move forward. You should wear these achievements like a crown. Your flexibility and ability to adapt and grow makes you capable of even bigger and better things.


Someone is trying to make an opportunity sound or appear better than it really is. You are right to be wary about getting involved. You sense a friend or workmate isn’t being honest with you even though you cannot prove this. This whole business is making you feel slightly insecure.


A fun project is about to turn into hard work. You’ve already seen some results from your efforts. A methodical approach will bring further success. Spontaneously making it up as you go along could be less successful. Setting specific goals every few days should give you a reachable target.


Don’t be surprised if your thoughts start to drift as you get on with the work you do every day. There are some jobs you could do with your eyes closed. Your imagination can take you anywhere while you get on with your usual routines but be sure not to slacken off, or your boss will start watching you more closely.

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