Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for May 6


It may not be a weekend to write home about but at least in some matters you can count on the support of friends and loved ones. A partner or housemate does not need to be reminded there are bills that need to be paid. If you are wise you will leave the subject of money well and truly alone.


Even if it has come from out of the blue, some opportunities are too good to miss. Getting involved in a social, charitable or creative venture will pave the way to other positive experiences but you will need to be decisive or you could miss out. Don’t leave it until it is too late to show your interest.


Your usual schedule could be disrupted in some way which is hardly surprising. If you’re feeling the pinch, news received early on will lift your spirits. Financial rewards for a job well done will be confirmation that responsibilities you recently took on were right for you.


Even if other people are celebrating and having a good time, it will be important for you to fulfil work responsibilities. Your dedication to your job will be rewarded. Sacrifices you are making to keep everything running smoothly will not go unnoticed.


You always have lots of fun when there is a celebratory mood in the air. Whatever is making you feel so elated, it should not be allowed to make you careless too. Bumping into an old friend will fill you with excitement. Take this chance to catch up on local gossip.


Having a good time should be your first priority. Don’t feel you haven’t time to pause and join in with the sociable and joyful mood around you. A photograph taken by a friend will be a one they will treasure forever. Like-minded people are drawn to you like a magnet.


A festive community gathering can be a frivolous thing but it will have a lot of impact on your neighbourhood. New friends will be made. The unpredictability of a situation is what makes it all the more fun and exciting. Someone has a dramatic story to tell.


A number of people will be brought together in order to fulfil a task, obligation or group responsibility. You will discover new things about yourself while working as a team as you acknowledge a skill you had not realised you had. Your confidence makes you glow.


A whole catalogue of failures could lead to an incident you would have preferred not to have experienced. Going public with your story will be really hard but there is a message you need to get out there and this is the only way.


You’re tempted to pull out of some social arrangements because you aren’t in a very outgoing mood but once you get together with friends you will feel differently. It will do you good to let your hair down for a wee while. If a problem seems to have no solution, discuss this within the family.


You’re doing well in juggling your time between family and friends. A work or social event will not be as time consuming as you expected it to be and it will please your housemates when you arrive home early and in plenty of time for a little celebratory get-together.


Concerns about your own or a loved one’s health should not be ignored or neglected. Once you are able to clear up issues you have been ignoring this will save you future complications. Choose your company carefully this evening. You need to be with people you can relax with.

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