Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, November 13


At last you will start to see progress in areas and affairs that have dragged on for far too long. This is all down to your assertive and determined frame of mind. You told everyone you weren’t ever going to give up on this and now rewards are on their way.


You and a partner are equally as keen to understand each other but nothing at the moment seems to work. The best way to improve your relationship would be to step back as you both need some space and some time apart.


You won’t want to listen but an older colleague or relative is hoping to give you a piece of advice. Once you hear what they have to say, their words will actually make a lot of sense to you. They do know what they are talking about.


Whether you are happy or discontent in your career, the start of the working week could be a slightly unsettling time for you. A colleague you had trusted will be dismissed for being unreliable. Take a deep breath. Continue to look after your own interests to move forward.


You don’t want to seem interfering but you can see how a colleague or fellow student could improve their performance. Don’t hold back from making suggestions as they will be grateful that you are taking an interest. Out of this, new possibilities will arise.


People who admire your practical skills and calm outlook will look to you for reassurance when life gets tough. As nervous as you might feel about taking charge, you will succeed in bringing a group together in a spirit of cooperation and harmony.


An imaginative friend is full of bright ideas and you will encourage them to share these in a group situation. Although their suggestions could get more far-fetched as the hours wear on you might encourage everyone to focus on their more practical plans.


You can’t keep making a partner’s mind up for them. You’re starting to tire of the way they look to you to make all the choices. Encourage them to start thinking for themselves. Even though this might cause a temporary rift in your relationship, it will ultimately make your partnership more equal.


A question will be asked of you that puts you on the spot. Draw on your diplomatic skills as you respond. Even though you will disagree with the way a friend or partner approaches a contentious situation, the last thing you want is for a rift to develop in relationships that are important to you.

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Ignore anyone who tells you what you are doing is boring and could be left for another time. They may be restless and hoping for your help with whatever is on their agenda but what they won’t understand is that you are working on something that is important to you.


You are assertive, dynamic and because you won’t stop until you get results, you can expect to be successful. Don’t be surprised to receive words of praise and gratitude. You deserve handsome rewards for your determination and diligence.


You are focused on giving a new opportunity a go. It doesn’t matter that you already have enough on your plate. This is something you want to do. It is a choice you are making for yourself and somehow you will find a way to fit this into your days.

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