Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, May 27


Ideas discussed in the workplace need some further thought. Before presenting these to senior colleagues, there are bugs that need to be worked out. Once these plans are brought out into the open, discussions will grow complex and you will need to have answers ready for questions that will inevitably arise.


You aren’t in the mood for arguments which is why you will prefer to allow the course of a group project to follow the line of least resistance. If someone feels strongly that their ideas should be taken up and pursued and they are being creative and practical in their thinking, there is no harm in letting them lead the way.


You won’t want to repeat mistakes of the past. If something isn’t working, it will quickly become obvious that you are wasting time and money continuing with it. You are ready to call it a day. An opportunity to take an impromptu trip will sound more appealing.


Impatience with people who aren’t as diligent as you could make you wonder whether you are ever going to be able to trust them. You feel tempted to end a relationship, arrangement or agreement but are you spoiling it for yourself or others by giving up on something before it has had a proper chance?


A heart to heart conversation with your family will help you avoid possible misunderstandings. Be prepared to discuss matters that have been causing tension in the home. Sharing new hobbies and interests will strengthen loving bonds. An unexpected social invitation will brighten the evening hours.


If you’re planning on doing some shopping, go it alone. A youngster will cleverly distract you and persuade you into splashing out on items they want but don’t particularly need. An unexpected gesture of affection will come from someone who rarely shows their feelings. This will make today a day to remember.


You deserve the occasional treat as this makes you feel you are getting something out of life other than having to keep up with responsibilities. Even some quiet time away from familiar surroundings will feel therapeutic. Sharing creative ideas could attract home or financial benefits.


You have strong opinions but taking a more flexible attitude towards family affairs could make life easier for housemates. Joining forces with someone who is imaginative and experimental will make you more open to branching out. Nourish an interest in art, photography or writing.


Nothing is too much to ask of you. If a workmate, neighbour or relative needs help, you will be happy to give assistance. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, important work will get done. You aren’t looking for material reward. You just want to make people happy.


You will be going ahead with plans a partner or relative has objected to. It doesn’t matter if someone you care for objects to your intentions, you are ready to try something completely new. You have never been a risk taker but you are growing tired of being stuck in a rut.


Take a sensible view to finances and put long-term plans for long-term security in place. As much as you enjoy your friendships, avoid being overly generous and extravagant when out and about. A stingy friend or neighbour will be quick to take advantage of your generosity.


You might wish you had not oversold a home-related idea. A domestic project you had been keen to get started on is turning into a bigger challenge than anticipated. You’re in over your head and your housemates are getting confused and irritable.

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