Horrid food fails that will leave your stomachs churning

Gone appetit! Stomach-churning images capture horrifying food fails – from a skull made of meat to RAT milk

  • Bored Panda has collated some photos of disgusting processed food dishes
  • These gross images are disgusting enough to get your stomach churning 
  • The images include a can of tinned alligator and a hotdog and pickle meat jelly 

Whipping up a culinary masterpiece or a delicious sweet treat takes a lot of skill – but you’d be better off ordering a takeaway if you’re ever offered any of these foods.   

Bored Panda collated some of the most horrible photos of food from across the globe – including a skull made of meats and olives and rat milk.

From a can of tinned alligator to a hotdog and pickle meat jelly, these photos are enough to make anyone’s stomach churn.

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the most shocking examples… 

If you ever wondered what Frankenstein would look like if he were recreated in a concoction of cooked meats, then it seems your prayers have been answered

You’ve tried cow’s milk and oat milk and almond milk but have you ever tried milk from a rat? Perhaps this drink for sale in a Spanish supermarket could be the solution to your milk-based problems

Whether this is meant to be a pudding or simply a starter is unclear but this hotdog and pickle jelly certainly turns heads

Tin it! This canned whole chicken comes from a company in Avon, Connecticut, and is fully cooked

This sandwich that tastes like a sandwich with chicken from a village market in America is probably not what you want in your basket

If you’re eating Oreos you may as well be healthy and this person has taken it to heart by adding guacamole to his sweet treat

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Terrifying! Try not to have a nightmare after seeing this monstrous spectacle of cheese and tomato pasta

Spam from a can teamed with chocolate chip cookies sounds like a fairly adventurous dish for one diner 

This Russian dish of canned pieces of alligator is probably likely to leave any diner in a snappy mood 

This may just be the juiciest burger you’ve ever seen but don’t let it fool you, it’s packed full of Oreos

If you enjoy ice lollies and you love a good roast chicken then whoever said you can’t mix the two to make this disgusting combination?

There’s nothing wrong with most canned goods but an entire cheeseburger in a can like this one from Germany seems a little far-fetched

Why make your own creamy potato salad when you can just slop this one right out of the bottle onto your plate? Voila!

Fifty shades of pink! You could say it doesn’t get more romantic than this German chicken decorated with rope and bondage gear to spice up your anniversary

Sweet tooth! While some people may add a brioche bun to their meal in an attempt to add sweetness, this person has taken it to a whole other level 

Colourful food is always fun but is rainbow mac and cheese really a good idea, whoever made this might wonder

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