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DEAR DEIDRE: EVER since I fell in love with an incredible Brazilian woman who was on ­holiday in the UK, I have wanted to marry her.

But I’m not sure if we can marry in this country, or if I should go over to her home to do so.

I’m 42 and she is 30.

We had a two-week ­holiday romance a year ago, and since then we have video-messaged every day.

I know she’s the one, and she tells me that I am too. We talk for hours and have so much in ­common.

Last month, I went out to visit her and proposed, and she said yes.

Friends have told me that as she’s not a British national, she might not be able to live here.

What steps do we need to take to make our love official?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Do not rush. You clearly love her, but holiday romances are not the best prep­aration for a lifetime together.

Perhaps wait a while, and see how this develops.

Or she could come over for a longer period, so you can live together and see how things work out.

She will need a spouse visa and to meet certain financial and legal requirements.

See the Gov UK website ( It will tell you what you both need to do if you want to marry.


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