How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Grossing Out Their Friends and Acquaintances

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be getting close to that line with the amount of public affection they’ve been engaging in.

We all know they’re in love, but the way they constantly hold hands or lock arms seems almost desperate. And we’re not the only ones who think that. People all over the United Kingdom have been commenting on the royal couple’s excessive PDA. It’s gotten so bad that they may be losing friends because of it. 

Meghan Markle clings to Prince Harry

Every public appearance with Harry and Markle have one thing in common. It’s almost guaranteed that Markle will be either holding Harry’s hand or locked arms with him. Its almost like she’s afraid he’s going to float away if she lets go.

And the public has noticed. Media is filled with comments about the Duke and Duchess’ touching habit. 

Part of the problem, as some people see it, is that the Duke and Duchess are working while they demonstrate this behavior.

It can appear quite unprofessional, as several fans have pointed out. “I think people are just a bit *eyeroll* about how relentlessly constant it is. On official business, they should behave in the way people on official business generally do.”

“They are at work. And it’s not just holding hands is it—it’s clinging to the point where they look awkward as they only have one free hand each—bit like a three-legged race,” one person said.

Another wrote: “They’re not on a date, they’re carrying out official business!” adding that it “makes her cringe.”

For a woman who claims to be a huge feminist, she sure clings to her man a lot. 

Prince Harry’s friends have stopped inviting the couple to dinner

The latest PDA drama for Harry and Markle comes from their own social circle. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Harry’s friends have stopped inviting them to dinner because of all the PDA. 

Dinner party etiquette states that couples should be seated across from each other to avoid PDA. That way the other guests aren’t grossed out by watching them. It’s also a huge deal in English society that you honor your host by sitting where your host has put you. 

However, Markle and Harry don’t seem to want to follow these rules. According to reports, they switch seats so they can touch during dinner, and it’s upsetting their friends. Many assume Markle is disregarding tradition because she prefers her “American” ways to the English. 

Some fans think the Sussexes’ PDA is sweet

Not everyone is grossed out by the couple’s PDA. Some fans think it’s sweet, and they’re not afraid to tell everyone else to back down. One person asked a simple question,  “Why would someone else holding hands bother you?” 

“I think it’s sweet and doesn’t bother me, they are newly weds after all,” another wrote. 

One person pointed out that it was better than a couple who dislikes each other. “There is nothing wrong with it, I would much rather see a couple that actually cares about each other, and shows they are human, then some stiff formal c**p.”

We may never agree on whether it’s appropriate for the Duke and Duchess to be holding each other so much, and that’s okay. Because it doesn’t appear that Markle or Harry care what anyone else thinks.

They’ve continued to express PDA even with the critics, and that may show that Markle isn’t as insecure as all the PDA makes her look after all. 

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