How to clean a rug by hand

Rugs are walked over by dirty shoes day in day out, and your brand new expensive rug can get filthy pretty quickly. Don’t worry, your rug can be sparkling clean once more with a few simple steps. talks you through cleaning your rug by hand.


You need to regularly hoover your rug every couple of weeks to prevent dirt from building up.

Flip it upside down and hoover both sides, sucking away any trapped crumbs.

If your rug has tassels or fringe, make sure you don’t hoover these delicate areas!

They will easily get ripped off by the hoover so stick to fluffing them up by hand.

Wool rugs only need to be hoovered a couple of times a month, as hoovering it more often will pull out fibres.

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No one likes a grubby-looking rug, and this easy trick will transform your carpet in minutes.

Use a solution of one part white vinegar and three parts water to restore your rug’s colour and condition.

Dampen your carpet with the mix using a sponge, and let it air dry inside.

Take care not to leave it in the sun, because this could bleach the colours of your rug.

Get rid of stains

All you need to get rid of stains is a bit of carpet shampoo and water.

Don’t use carpet shampoo on a wool rug, and always check the rug’s label before using any cleaner on it.

Simply spot treat the stains using the cleaner and a piece of damp kitchen roll.

Try to clean stains as soon as they happen, because the longer you leave it the longer it will take to clean.

When it comes to spillages, the same rule applies. Immediately blot the mark with a dry towel, absorbing as much of the liquid as possible.

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Sometimes stains won’t disappear and need a little help from chemicals, such as mild acids, detergents, or ammonia.

If the spillage is food or drink or something that will go off, you need to rinse the affected area with detergent and cool water.

Use washing up liquid with a bit of water to remove the stain, and use a towel to blot it until the stain goes.

Don’t use ammonia or harsh chemicals on wool, because this will destroy your rug.

Wool rugs should be taken to a professional, as they are trickier to fix up.


Rugs attract insects, which can then lay eggs. Borax is the perfect solution to any pesky insects hiding in your rug.

Forget steam cleaning, borax will kill insects and destroy their larvae and eggs.

Simply sprinkle the stuff on your rug, leave it for 20 minutes and then hoover.

Make sure your pets aren’t anywhere near while you do this since Borax is mildly toxic and could harm them.

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