How to stop Mercury retrograde screwing you over at work

Sort out your emails and double check any train tickets – Mercury retrograde is nearly upon us.

From September 9 to October 10, Mercury will be in its retrograde period, which is thought to disrupt multiple areas of our lives.

This spells chaos for communication, travel, and technology… all of which can play a part in our working lives.

Don’t panic, though. Charlotte Davies, careers expert at LinkedIn, has shared some top tips for combatting the planetary period’s impact on work.

‘Mercury retrograde can make everything seem a little ‘off’ and wreak havoc on our lives – work included,’ Charlotte says. ‘While some people don’t believe in astrology, others find that movements like Mercury retrograde can really impact their day-to-day life.

‘Even if it’s not something that’s usually on your radar, being aware of what’s going on and putting things in place to alleviate any potential mishaps at work – and the stress that comes with it – can make a big difference.

‘Communication is always crucial in the workplace, so taking a little extra time to make sure you’re communicating clearly and effectively with colleagues is never a bad thing!’

Here’s your plan for the weeks ahead.

Keep in touch

Charlotte says: ‘You may not be the only one feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde, so it’s more important than ever that we take the time each day to contact colleagues and talk about how we’re feeling.

‘Whether it’s WiFi troubles, frustrations with hybrid working or the endless emails you have to get through, casual check-ins can really help with how you’re feeling and how you deal with work related stress over the next few weeks.

‘If you find communication gets harder during this time, make sure you’re keeping your colleagues in the loop to try and take extra time to be more mindful and check in regularly.’

Set a realistic to-do list

Don’t pack your calendar too tightly during this time.

Technology and travel mishaps will spoil the best-laid plans, so it’s more crucial than ever to ensure your expectations of what you can get done are realistic.

‘Taking the time to adjust our list of actions can make us much more productive and motivated,’ Charlotte explains.

‘Add (flexible) time slots for completing each task which will help to manage expectations of yourself and your colleagues, and also give you more time to fix anything that doesn’t quite go to plan the first time round.’

Try something new

When everything’s being turned upside down, why not use that for a new perspective?

Charlotte suggests: ‘With Mercury retrograde being a time of reflection and slightly chaotic, erratic energy, it can actually be a really good opportunity to bite the bullet and try something new, using this energy to create positive changes.

‘Whether that’s starting a new course or simply re-looking at your working space – why not try mixing it up?’

Set work boundaries

‘As things may feel more chaotic than usual during this period, it’s important to set work boundaries to achieve a better work-life balance,’ Charlotte notes. ‘We’ve seen lots of examples on LinkedIn of people sharing what they do to achieve this, ranging from blocking out time on their calendars for scheduled breaks or virtual coffees, or making sure to remove yourself from your desk on your lunch hour

‘While there’s lots of chaotic energy around, it’s really important to be strict with yourself and set aside the time to re-energise and relax during the working day and beyond.’

Seek support

If you’re feeling a bit off, whether that’s due to cosmic reasons or something unrelated to astrology, make sure to lean on your network and talk it out.

Charlotte adds: ‘With Mercury ruling all forms of communication, remember that if you’re feeling the impact of it being in retrograde, others you work with might be too!

‘Leaning on your LinkedIn network is a great way to ease stress and practice communication skills at a time when others are likely to feel the impact of Mercury in retrograde too.’

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