I can't get an erection on my new medication and I'm letting my girlfriend down

DEAR DEIDRE: PRESCRIPTION drugs have made me a flop in the bedroom and now I’m worried my partner will leave me.

I am 35 and have been with my girlfriend, who is 31, for seven years.

She is wonderful – kind and supportive – and has stuck with me through various serious health issues.

Recently, the doctor put me on several medications. I take so many tablets every day I rattle.

But although I feel healthier since I’ve been on the drugs, I have been having problems getting and keeping an erection.

My partner never complains. She says she loves me for more than just sex.

But I feel like I’m letting her down.

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We are both young. I think she deserves to be with someone healthy, who can perform in bed.

I am worried that eventually she will get fed up and find someone who can satisfy her.

DEIDRE SAYS: Some medicines can affect libido and sexual function.

It might be possible to be prescribed alternatives that don’t, so talk to your doctor.

Your anxiety about this won’t help either. My support pack Solving Erection Problems explains.

Keep talking to your partner so she understands your feelings and you can deal with this together.

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