‘I feel more like myself!’ Natural brunette shares ‘confident-boosting’ transformation

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For many people, hair is a big part of their identity. Changing one’s hair colour not only changes one’s appearance, but also their perspective, outlook, and even personality. This was the case for one woman when she dyed her hair from brown to blonde.

Kimberley Johnson is a freelance content writer from East Sussex who recently plucked up the courage to dye her hair.

The 33-year-old is a natural brunette but found her hair colour “boring”.

She therefore decided to dye it blonde.

Kimberley first dyed her hair blonde in 2017, and did so again in May this year.

“My hair was a combination of my natural mousy brown colour and old box dye which I had used during the national lockdowns,” Kim explained.

She added: “It desperately needed some love and I hate my natural hair colour.

“I find it very boring.

“I had been blonde before and preferred the way it looked.”

Kim has “played around” with her hair a lot, dyeing it all sorts of colours, including red and black.

She experimented with hair dye 10 years ago, but after using blonde hair dye for the first time four years ago, she decided that it was her favourite hue.

This is because of the way blonde hair looks on her, but also because of the way it makes her feel.

Kim said: “Being blonde feels more like me.

“It gives my confidence a boost and I feel that it suits me better than other hair colours I have tried.”

Kim stressed that her hair is now “looking the way I want it to look”.

Although the 33-year-old doesn’t think she gets treated any different as a blonde, she does get many compliments from friends and family.

She added: “My friends are glad I chose to go back to blonde as they agree that it suits me better than any other colour.”

Kim said she prefers her blonde hair, but she can still see herself dyeing it again in future.

She said: “Although I love my blonde hair, I get bored with my hair so easily so I will never rule out changing the colour again.

“The one colour I will never go back to is red as it really damaged my hair.

“I think I’m more likely to choose a colour like blue or purple though, rather than brunette.”

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