I fell into a coma with meningitis and almost died but when I woke up I had an extraordinary talent I never had before | The Sun

A DAD woke from a coma with a previously untapped ability for art, carpentry and model-making.

Moe Hunter, 38, had a rare form of bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis in his brain.

After brain surgery and just over a month in a coma, he awoke with no memory — and a gift he had not had before.

Moe’s newfound skills included a talent for drawing, painting and model building — despite having had no aptitude for art at school.

He used his new skills to embark on a career as a self-employed carpenter.

He also began building intricate life-size replicas from the world of TV and film.


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Married dad-of-one Moe has sold pieces of his art and has displayed drawings and paintings of Marvel and DC characters, such as Loki and Batman, at Comic Con events across the country.

His home in Hereford is filled with his work, including a Scout Walker and R2-D2 from Star Wars, and robot Chappie from the 2015 film of the same name.

Moe said: “I really wasn’t creative before in the slightest. In fact people used to laugh at my drawings.

“When I spoke to the neurologist he just said ‘enjoy it’ and said there’s so much about the brain they still can’t decipher and this is just a phenomenon.

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“My doctor said that I was a walking miracle to be able to recover as quickly as I did — but when I started displaying these new artistic talents they were just stumped.

“Nobody has really given a medical explanation for it.

“I just know comas can do crazy things to a human brain.

“I just found I had this passion there which never existed in me before.

“I’m also writing a screenplay. I’ve got all the ideas but no idea how to do bring it to life.

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“I’ve been in touch with some guys from Netflix and they’ve sent me screenplays so I can form it right so who knows, maybe that is next.

“I’m just doing what my neurologist told me to do and just trying to enjoy it.”

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