I have been offered a promotion abroad — but could it ruin relationship?

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE been offered an eight-month contract to work abroad.

It is promotion and a much more interesting job, but I am worried about how it will affect my relationship.

I am a gay man of 30, my partner is 31 and has a job he enjoys but I have been unfulfilled at work for a couple of years.

I’d been looking for a chance to do something different when this job offer came up.

I told my partner about it and he is very upset at the prospect of not seeing me for such a long time – but this job offer is far too good to turn down.

He visits his brother in Australia for weeks at a time but it’s true this job means I’d be away for much longer.

DEIDRE SAYS: He must realise what a good opportunity this is, so don’t be put off.

You will have a lot more to offer when you return. If you turn it down you may come to resent him. Long-distance love can work if you really feel deeply for each other.

At least there are so many ways to keep in touch now… and get sexy together.

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