I keep cheating on my pregnant girlfriend with gorgeous escorts as I’ve got a sex addiction – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: LAST night I went to see an escort instead of going straight home from work.

She was a nice enough girl and the sex and chat helped to ease my stress, at least for an hour. But it didn’t come cheap and it is money I haven’t got.

I’m 24 and I know my addiction to sex is way out of control. I’ve got a warm, caring girlfriend. She is 25 and we have got our first child on the way.

I already pity that child, who is not even born, because I will be the dad. I may be bankrupt or even in prison by then.

It started with looking at porn on my laptop when I was 15. Every guy I knew looked at porn but perhaps they weren’t quite in my league. Soon I was looking at porn every day of the week.

Sometimes I watched it all night. I still do because it takes me away from my miserable self. Now it isn’t just porn sites that get me sucked in.

I go on to adult hook-up sites and do stuff on the webcam and pay out big money for escorts as well. As an ordinary guy with a job in a bookies I am hooked on a habit that I just can’t afford.

The reason I’ve messaged you now is I’m up to my neck in addiction like never before. I’m deeply in debt and have loans coming out of my ears. I’m so sick with shame I don’t know what to do. That shame keeps me turning to sex just to get some relief.

I have tried hard to give up but I never last longer than a few days. I’ve been doing this stuff for so long that I feel I don’t know how to live without some kind of sex every day.

I can’t tell my girlfriend. I have never once shared this with anyone else. I would be too ashamed.


ALMOST everyone will masturbate at some point and sex therapists even prescribe it – yet we find it so difficult to talk about.

My e-leaflet Masturbation Worries? explains and reassures.

Email me for a copy at [email protected] or private-message me on Facebook.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am so glad you have contacted me now and only sorry your feelings of shame have prevented you seeking the help you need. It might help you to know that it isn’t just you.

About one in 20 people struggles with sex addiction and, like you, they are dependent on sex to make them feel normal and manage their lives. It usually starts with pornography on their computers, the way that it started with you.

Now you need to get help to control this addiction and take back control of your life. See your GP and explain so you can be referred for counselling.

There is free online help available with the Kick Start Recovery Programme (sexaddictionhelp.co.uk) and you can find free debt advice through National Debtline (national-debtline.org, 0808 808 4000).

When you have found some support it will feel easier for you to be open with your partner about your addiction and it will help her to trust that you are putting things right.

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