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DEAR DEIDRE: BOREDOM has set into my relationship, leading me to develop strong feelings for a colleague. 

I love my partner but I can’t stop thinking about my co-worker. 

I’m 36 and my partner is 32. We’ve been living together for five years.

Lately, we seem to be going through the motions. We talk about the washing up or what’s on TV, and rarely have sex. 

My colleague is 38 and unhappily married. We work in a printing company. She has told me  about her marriage problems and I’ve told her how I feel my relationship is going nowhere. 

Nothing has happened between us, but there’s a definite sexual chemistry. Sometimes we flirt.

I feel guilty, as my girlfriend is a fantastic person, who has done nothing wrong.  I think we’ve just grown apart. 

There’s a work conference coming up soon, and I’m sure something is going to happen with my colleague.

I’ve never cheated but I’m not sure I can resist if  she makes a move.
I’m not going to give you permission to cheat. 

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DEIDRE SAYS: If you’re unhappy in your relationship, sex with your colleague won’t help.

It will only lead to more guilt, pain and potential problems at work, too.

You say you love your partner. If that’s the case, you need to address the issues in your relationship. 

My support pack, Looking After Your Relationship, should help.

Think about taking a holiday or a weekend away together – something that changes your routine.


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