I quit banking job to sell sexy pics – I now make £200k and can retire at 40

A single mum who quit her banking job to sell sexy snaps and videos on OnlyFans has revealed she's now raking in the cash.

Australian beauty Lucy Banks says her earnings have totalled $300,000 (£238,000) this past year, and she is projected to make $500,000 (£396,000) in 2023.

However, she says it's not easy to earn so much on the site.

Lucy explained: "There is a lot of hype around the mega-paydays on OnlyFans, and much of it is true; the top 1% of earners do bring in more than $20,000 (£16,000) monthly, the top 1.1% is in the neighbourhood of $100,000 (£79,000) monthly, and the top celebrities make millions monthly.

"It boggles the mind to think about it.

“However, it takes a lot of time, work, commitment and a thick skin to get to those numbers."

The model, who is in the top 0.8% of OnlyFans added: "While the top 5% of creators may be making pretty good money, the other 95% aren't making much of anything at all.

"I’d like to shatter that ‘easy money’ myth right now. There’s no way around it; you really do have to put in serious effort to see serious results."

Lucy also gave advice to creators who do see the money start rolling in.

She warned: "Remember, modelling on a platform like this can feel like winning the lottery if you’re among the top earners – but this windfall will be short-lived.

"Fans are fickle, the service can decide to ban adult content – again – and your fortunes can fall as quickly as they rise in a business like this.

"You want to ‘make hay while the sun shines’, so to speak, and keep doing this work while it’s fun."

Banks advises enlisting the help of financial professionals and staying focused on the future.

“I've tried to be smart with my money; I've bought a house, a reliable car and I've paid school fees in full for the entire year upfront," she said.

"It’s important that I was able to have that stability for my kids.

"Now I'm looking at investment properties and hope to have a few under my belt in the next few years. Hopefully I'll be able to retire before I'm 40."

Lucy's comments come after she insisted last week that OnlyFans is a 'feminist movement'.

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