‘I took my kids out of school as the teacher was too fat – it’s uninspiring’

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    It can be tough being a teacher.

    Between planning lessons, caring for children and teaching them all they're meant to know about life – it's an extremely high-pressured job. Not to mention, you work long hours and endure a lot of stress every single day.

    Now some parents appear to be expecting teachers to look a certain way, as one dad admitted he took his kids out of school due to how a teacher looked. He dubbed the educator overweight and thought it was "uninspiring".

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    The dad shared his story on TikTok to explain why he made the decision. Best-selling author, speaker, real estate guru, and influencer Kris Krohn boasts 1.2 million followers, so his video managed to reach a lot of people.

    He said: "The day I pulled my kids out of school was when I was in a parent-teacher conference and the teacher was 200lbs overweight. I looked at her and I said, 'No, you're low energy, you're depressed.

    "'You're spending more time with my kid during the day probably than I am. And I'm concerned with the amount of influence that you're exerting'."

    He continued: "Because what you're teaching is not what's in the book, it's how you're living your life. You are not an inspiring human being.

    "Most teachers actually are uninspired and don't like what they do. And then there's a really cool system that will keep them job protection forever. You can't get fired, so they can hate it.

    "They have one of the most important jobs under the worst paid. The whole system is wrong. If you were to put your kid in public school, what do you think the teacher should be?

    "My teachers get a 10,000 dollar raise every year. There's 70,000-80,000 dollars a year."

    Many people were quick to react to the video, and a lot of social media users weren't left best pleased. Some thought it was super inappropriate to bring the teacher's weight into it.

    One person replied: "I’m overweight and a great teacher! I may not be cool and fit but I’m really good at what I do. You make some great points but lost me on weight shame."

    Another said: "Just another alpha male talking about something he knows nothing about. The reason teachers hate their job is because a**hole adults have a**hole kids."

    A third replied: "I’m glad you pulled your kids out. They would probably fat shame people like you do, and we definitely don’t need any more negativity in this world!"

    Meanwhile, some people did seem to agree with his points, with a fourth writing: "The best and most honest video I’ve seen!"

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