I was forced to sleep in car when landlord decided to sell house that's still EMPTY | The Sun

A SINGLE mum says she has been forced to sleep in her car after being evicted by her landlord.

Danni Cox, from Queensland, Australia claims she has been left homeless and continues to be rejected from rental applications – despite boasting a “perfect” record.

The desperate mother feels she has blighted by the landlord’s decision to list the property on the market earlier this year – only to leave it empty for several months.

Cox said she had lived in the home for five years, but was shocked when she was suddenly informed that she would have to move out.

“All of a sudden, the owner was wanting to move in to do some renovations and potentially sell the property,” she told 7 News. “So I was to move out.”

Cox was originally told she would have to move out by January this year, but was granted an extension until May after fighting her landlord through the courts.

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But having since moved out of the property, she says she has been unable to find long-term accommodation for her and her teenage son.

“I’m still homeless, still staying with friends, staying in my car sometimes and staying in motels when we can afford (to),” she said.

“We’re just struggling at the moment to find a place just to stay.

“We keep applying for places. But I’m not sure, with my perfect rental history, as to why I can’t secure a rental."

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She continued: “I don’t think it’s very fair for single parents at the moment. I think just (having) one income has put me in this position.

“There’s not much I’ve been able to do about it. We’ve done everything we can possibly think of.”

Cox said she doesn’t understand why the house has been left vacant for such a long time – blasting the Queensland rental application system as “very degrading.”

“It’s not a nice situation at all,” she told the outlet.

Her story comes as Queensland reportedly faces a housing crisis with more than 30,000 people on the state’s social housing register.

Last year The Sun reported how one Aussie resident had resorted to squatting in the wake of an eviction.

Heidi Withers moved all her belongings onto a neighbour’s garden after she was forced to seek residence elsewhere.

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Her disgruntled neighbour was told at the time that she had no power to move her due to landlord legislation.

Heidi said she had two other people living with her at the make-shift campsite describing her decision as a "spur of the moment" thing.

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