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POOING, we all do it but we all hate to talk about it.

So chances are, no one actually taught you how poop correctly which might be why you sometimes find it rather uncomfortable.

According to an expert, our bodies are designed to do the perfect poo when our knees are above our hips.

This is something our western toilets don't allow us to do very easily.

"First of all you need to your knees up and your feet flat,"  Baz Moffat, a pelvic floor and core strength specialist said.

During the video demonstration posted on Instagram, the former GB rower used a stool to help manoeuvre herself into a better pooping position.

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She placed the stool directly in front of the toilet and rested her feet flat on it while she sat.

"You need to then lean forward with a relatively straight back and relax let go.

"Sit as if were reading a Sunday newspaper," she explained.

While you should sit on the toilet as though you're reading a paper you should also stay on there the length of time you would take to finish, Baz said.

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Another expert previously said plonking ourselves on the loo in a seated position can actually prevent our bodies from getting rid of poo – instead, we should find a way to squat.

"That's because our muscles around our rectum control whether our bodies are in continence or elimination mode (whether we poo or not)," explains Stephanie Taylor, health and wellbeing expert.

"When sitting down, the anorectal angle (the angle of your anal canal, which releases waste) is kinked, and the puborectalis muscle (the muscle that contracts around the rectum) chokes the rectum, keeping faeces inside," she said.

That kink can restrict your bowels, leaving you straining in an attempt to empty them.


When it comes to going for a number two, plenty of people aren’t really sure what’s normal.

Depending on your diet, age, and activity, regularity can mean anything from three bowel movements a day to three each week.

Keeping an eye on what's 'normal' for you though is crucial, as is being aware of the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer.

The five red-flag symptoms of bowel cancer include:

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  • Bleeding from the back passage, or blood in your poo
  • A change in your normal toilet habits – going more frequently for example
  • Pain or a lump in your tummy
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Losing weight

If you notice any changes to your usual habits, don't be embarrassed, speak to your GP.

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