Im a real-life vampire – I feed on humans and participate in sex rituals

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    It seems vampires are walking amongst us and yes, they drink human blood.

    Merticus, in his 40s, is the head of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and a voice for the vampire community.

    He is what many would consider a sanguinarian vampire – an individual who says they cannot adequately sustain their own physical, mental, or spiritual well-being without the taking of blood from other sources.

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    While Merticus identifies as a “real-life vampire”, he hides in plain sight. Aside from typically dressing in all black, he doesn’t adorn the extended wardrobe and adornments of many vampires, such as ankhs, fangs and contact lenses.

    But he does feed on consenting humans.

    “My primary feeding preference is from the pranic energy of others through touch or breath, often coupled with tantric or sexual contact,” he told Daily Star.

    “However, I can just as efficiently feed by other methods such as drinking small amounts of blood or drawing from the ambient energies of a crowd or thunderstorm.”

    Merticus has identified as a vampire since 1997 and speaks eloquently and passionately about what vampirism is.

    His first experience with blood feeding occurred when he was in his 20s in a relationship where his significant other was also his donor.

    Depending on the individual and their background, over the years these feedings have ranged from highly ritualistic to being intertwined with sadomasochism.

    Merticus is adamant that they are always performed privately, safely and consensually.

    He says it is vital that the consumption of blood from human sources is facilitated through a consensual agreement by a verbal or written contract between a vampire and a donor.

    “It's an intimate and private event shared between two persons who connect on the deepest of levels,” he explained.

    “As I run my fingers over the body or draw breaths close to the skin I can feel a connection or link being established that allows me to draw the energy to myself or cycle reciprocally.

    A calming energetic vibration or tingling sensation fused with an intense heightening of virtually all of my senses envelops me when I've fed at a deep level with someone whose etheric body aligns with my own.

    “I generally identify as a tantric or sexual vampire but recognise blood is often more potent and has an undeniable psychological component.

    “I married a non-vampire who is also my donor and our relationship couldn't be stronger.”

    According to Merticus, many vampires complain of severe headaches, a sense of pain throughout their bodies and extreme weakness.

    Some complain of a craving or hunger that they can't seem to satiate with food or drink.

    He added: “Those who are fortunate find a donor to help them cope with these issues, while fewer learn to adapt their personal 'vampirism' into a powerful and corporeal force.”

    The feeling of the donor after feeding may range from a state of euphoria to complete exhaustion and even confusion.

    Merticus explained that proper aftercare for donors is important no matter whether you are feeding from blood or from psychic energy, and the care needed varies greatly depending on the individual.

    Vampires also need to get to intimately know their donors and equip themselves with knowledge of their medical history, emotional health and even mental state.

    Merticus takes great care during the feeding process and said all vampires also have to be cognizant of the connection that can form between a donor and a vampire after feeding.

    “While this connection can be rewarding and mutually beneficial, it can also be psychologically unhealthy if manifested in the extreme,” he shared.

    “Much of the appeal to vampirism lies in our adeptness at shielding, grounding and centring energy as well as controlling emotional and sometimes behavioural situations.

    “Some of us are able to utilise healing techniques for ourselves and others, instinctually interpret empathic impressions, and many of us have an overall heightened perception or clarity of the world around us.

    “I feel an intense and prolonged wave of energy wash over me when I feed – I'm at one with my surroundings while deeply entwined with the one I'm feeding from.”

    Merticus explained that while many vampires choose to engage in sadomasochistic activities, it's not a prerequisite for vampiric feeding.

    Although BDSM and vampirism aren’t intrinsically linked, sometimes they go hand in hand because scenes often attributed to bondage, domination, submission, and masochism are charged with energy.

    Merticus occasionally engages in BDSM himself.

    “Some vampires like to congregate or participate in these scenes or power exchanges because of this potent concentration of energy,” he said.

    “Blood fetishism should not be confused with sanguinarian vampirism. This being said, there are some sanguinarian vampires who enjoy blood play, such as blood dripping on one another, as well as consumption.

    “This is usually a very sacred act and done in the privacy of one's own home as is those who feed from blood in a vampiric context.”

    He says that sexual intercourse is not always the end goal of a vampire who claims to feed from sexual energies.

    Foreplay and the pleasure of one's partner are often essential for being able to raise the energy necessary for a vampire to feed from.

    Merticus continued: “Some view this energy as transferable through sexual fluids including semen, female ejaculate, blood from menstruation, and even milk from lactation.

    “Some hybrid vampires consider blood to be the preferred choice when needing to experience a deep feed and this is magnified when in a relationship with someone you love.

    “Whether from feeding from the climax of the donor or as a result of the vampire's own orgasm, vampires are often sated for extended periods of time.

    “Sexual feeding may also be described as primal, intense, or even animalistic for some vampires.”

    Experts estimate there are thousands of people like Merticus worldwide who identify as “real-life vampires”.

    To clarify, there is no proof that Merticus's symptoms aren't just a figment of his imagination, nor is there any proof that vampirism is a real condition.

    Considering it involves feeding off of others, it’s not difficult to understand why vampirism is rejected by science and medicine.

    “We recognise how 'crazy' it sounds when we refer to ourselves as 'vampires', however, at the end of the day after explaining to people that we are human beings who believe we must take the energy or blood from others and use it for ourselves, it ultimately comes back to the word 'vampire',” he explained.

    “This is simultaneously the greatest inhibitor for us being understood by the general public while also serving as one of the greatest allures and even means to attract donors.

    “Vampirism is fundamentally an extension of who I am on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level; a facet of everyday life and the lens through which I view the world.

    “It's as much a part of who I am as is one's familial heritage, genetic makeup, mental aptitude, or even personality.”


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