Ireland Baldwin: Hilaria’s Spanish heritage scandal is ‘her business’

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Ireland Baldwin: Hilaria’s Spanish heritage scandal is ‘her business’

Ireland Baldwin is backing down from her initial defense of stepmom Hilaria Baldwin.

In a lengthy note posted to Instagram, the 25-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger clarified her stance in Hilaria’s Spanish heritage scandal by revisiting some of her own personal struggles.

“I moved out of a major city with the intention of escaping the public eye in a small but significant way. I couldn’t take a deep breath in Los Angeles and was dealing with a great deal of anxiety that I didn’t know how to manage,” Ireland began her message.

“Stories come out about my family members that often times are fabricated or blown out of proportion. I’ve spent so much time getting worked up and upset seeing people dig into my parent’s [sic] divorce and relationship history, into my past having visited a mental rehabilitation facility, and so many PRIVATE ordeals made public,” she continued.

The model wrote that fans and followers would never “understand” what it’s like to have “private ordeals made public,” but maintained she wasn’t looking for “sympathy.” Instead, Ireland wrote, she wanted to distance herself from Hilaria’s scandal because she’s “still deep in this learning journey” about cultural appropriation.

“Like I mentioned yesterday, I do love my step mom very much. I think she’s a strong, kind, and a caring human being,” she wrote. “Without saying anything further on all of this, I think it is her business and not my own to discuss her family background and answer your questions.”

Ireland also thanked people who were “patient with” her, as she doesn’t “have a publicist or a team of people” who are drafting posts for her — unlike Hilaria, whose publicist secured her an interview with the New York Times where she blamed everyone but herself for the scandal.

In the interview, Hilaria — who was born in Boston as Hillary — claimed she was unaware of her agency’s incorrect bio stating she was born in Mallorca. She also said she didn’t realize Spanish magazine ¡Hola! was inaccurately representing her as a Spanish woman because she doesn’t read stories about herself.

CAA, Hilaria’s agency, since has deleted the inaccurate bio fact.

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