ITVs Lorraine Kelly shows off long blonde hair and glam makeup in Adele transformation

Lorraine Kelly doesn’t exactly tend to stray far from her usual beauty look, so imagine our surprise when we saw her sporting lengthy blonde hair and a glamorous makeup look in newly-released images.

The 62 year old posed for a series of snaps forheat’sbumper Christmas issue* – and it’s clear from first glance that she’s taken inspiration from megastar Adele’s 30 album cover for the full look.

Lorraine is pictured mimicking the Grammy winner’s infamous side-profile pose, in a long and sleek blonde wig. The presenter has also swapped her usual style of natural makeup for Adele-like black eyeliner flicks and a neutral shade of matte lipstick.

The reason for this transformation, you ask? “‘I love her, so this is a homage to her. I’m paying tribute to the goddess that is Adele,” Lorraine explained in her heat interview.

She also admitted that the new look was a big deal for her as she’d previously “never been blonde”. The presenter also mentioned that she was curious to see what she’d look like with the new hair colour and the “giant nails” that the Easy On Me singer adornes her fingertips with.

I think we can all agree that Lorraine looks nothing short of majestic. We imagine Adele is also deeply flattered that the Queen of Daytime Telly took it upon herself to transform into her, in what was most certainly a very lengthy process.

Lorraine isn’t the only person to be feeling the Adele effect as of late. Following the recent airing of ITV’s An Audience With Adele, fans have been desperate to get a shade of blonde like the singer. According to celebrity hairdresser andJerome Russellbrand educator Jason Collier, her retro glamour truly has sent his clients into a frenzy.

"Since Adele's show aired, I have seen a 200% uplift in clients asking to lighten their hair, having taken inspiration from her modern take on Hollywood,” he says.

"This colour is all about super soft, expensive glamour. I love to call it ‘brioche blonde’, because it's that exact shade of a beautiful pastry out of the oven, and it evokes the same feelings – it's a warm, inviting and alluring shade."

A brioche blonde is definitely something we can get behind!

*The full Stars Dress Up feature appears in this week’s bumper issue of heat magazine, on sale now.

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