I’ve cheated on my pampered wife who wanted to jump ship when business was slow

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE just cheated on my wife having some of the best sex of my life with a woman buyer for my firm.

But do I owe my wife any loyalty, since she cheated on me when my company looked like it was going to the wall?

I started a successful clothing business when I was 22 and married my wife six years later. She is 33 now and I am 35. We have a boy and a girl.

She was a prize catch — smart, funny and beautiful. I’m a good-looking guy, so we were the golden couple.

I’ve always been told I’m good in bed but my wife got bored with me after a few years and went off sex, so I often cheated.

The girls were on tap because of my chauffeur-driven cars and flashy lifestyle. My wife caught me out but always stayed for our children’s sake — and the lifestyle. Our firm hit a bad patch when our designer got the lines totally wrong one year and sales plummeted. My wife was panicking that we’d have to cut back on holidays and the designer handbags that she loves.

She had an affair with the owner of one of our rivals and threatened to leave me for him but he bailed at the last moment.

I was still smarting from this when I met a new buyer in one of my factories at the beginning of the year. She’s 26. I took her out for business dinners with colleagues. I once suggested she come to my room for a nightcap but she turned me down.

I’m always the gentleman and I don’t assume that everyone wants to sleep with me but she knew what I wanted and her refusal intrigued me.

The night before I flew home, I took her for dinner again but this time we were alone. She looked stunning in a close-fitting long black dress.

I invited her to my room after and this time she accepted. We had sex three times that night and it felt special. I don’t feel guilty, as my wife planned to leave me, but few of our friends know about our unhappy marriage and there would be shockwaves which may affect our kids.

Now I’m doing well again financially my wife thinks everything is OK. Is she just with me for the money?


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DEIDRE SAYS: That’s part of it but it shouldn’t be just money which is the glue keeping you together.

Cracks appeared a long time ago when your wife lost interest in your sex life. There could have been all sorts of reasons for that but, instead of tackling things head-on, you saw that as an excuse to cheat on her.

Now she’s done the same to you you’re looking to get your own back.

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