Jamie Laing picturing his mum during sex is common and psychologist explains why

Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing recently made the shocking confession that he went through a phase of picturing his own mother's face during sex with fiancée Sophie Habboo.

Despite Sophie's shock, as they chatted away on their podcast NearlyWeds, Jamie instead to her that it's "it's really normal."

After being asked if it still happens, Jamie, 33, said: "No, it doesn't still happen. There was a period for a bit, it's an anxiety thing I think, lots of people have it."

After his candid admission, OK! reached out to Psychologist Charlotte Armitage, to see if this is something that happens frequently.

She explained that often the leap from a girlfriend to one’s mother "isn’t as bigger psychological leap as you may think."

Charlotte explained that Jamie seeing his mum's face during sex could be the result of imagining himself having kids with wife-to-be, Sophie.

"When the dynamics of a relationship are changing, for example if someone is aiming to marry their partner, imagining them as the mother of their children, may well cause them to bring their own mother to mind," Charlotte explained.

She went on: "Consciously and unconsciously, imagining having children of your own causes us to think of our own parents because they are our main point of reference. As such, during a sexual act, we can see how the image of one’s mother may come to mind.

"However, there are many reasons as to why someone may picture the face of someone they can’t consciously imagine wanting to see whilst having sex and that will be based on the individual themselves and the nature of the relationship that they had that individual.

"If they hated the individual that they are bringing to mind, it could be linked to self-sabotage, through them not allowing themselves to enjoy having sex, it could also be related to anger. There are many many reasons, each will be specific and unique to the individual."

Discussing it with Sophie on his podcast, Jamie continued: "Anyway, going back to my point, I had it for a period, it's an OCD thing where I would suddenly go to my mum's image in my head while I was having sex with you."

Sophie replied: "That's really put a dampener on our sex life."

And Very Well Mind explains that OCD can mean: "Living with repetitive and unwanted intrusive thoughts."

The website continues: "Intrusive thoughts can and will show up anywhere. The bedroom, or wherever you decide to have sex, is not off limits."

You can read more about why it happens here

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